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Hello my fellow sex lovers!

Well, what's a girl to do when she's feeling all lonely but as hot as hell in the evening? There's always porn, but whilst watching lovely hot ladies doing naughty things to each other (I could watch lesbians licking pussy all evening whilst my own pussy just gets hotter and hotter and wetter and wetter – in fact I can feel myself getting all damp down there just thinking about it!) I just get so lonely, wishing some nice, slutty gal was drawing her pink tongue up and down my dripping pussy as I touch myself, play with my clit and push my fingers deep inside me.

So, instead of my usual xxx porno haunts I clicked on over to LiveJasmin, to see if I could find a hot camgirl babe for a video chat and live sex show who'd inspire me to those shuddering heights – you know what I mean? I like girls who ain't too skinny, have great tits and ain't afraid to show me what I demand to be shown – and I can demand some pretty raunchy stuff. I ain't got time for shy girls who won't even take off their knickers. I'm really fussy cos I love me some pussy, you hear what I'm saying?


I found myself a nice sexy girl called ArianaBay at LiveJasmin for a live sex show. She looked sweet and sexy to me, dressed in black negligée and red fishnets. I wondered what goodies she was going to show me underneath her bra and panties – she could keep the stockings on, but everything else was coming off!

We got chatty and turned out my red-hot cam model was quite the tease. I love LiveJasmin as some of the girls really know how to do their stuff. I was only in my dressing gown but as she moved around the bed I tossed it to the ground so I was naked, and my right hand found my damp pussy and my sexy adult playtime began!

What is she thinking about? ;)

ArianaBay liked to come up the screen so I could see those pert titties of hers, but she still kept her bra on. She had the cutest pink tongue and I imagined her kissing the tops of my shoulders, then moving down to my breasts and beginning to suck hard on my nipples. I sat down on my chair with my legs apart, working my fingers on my soaking pussy and moaning as I did. I imagined my sexy webcam model carrying on down, kissing my stomach, working lower and lower, until I would be able to feel her breath on my clit. She'd then begin to lick, gently at first, then more urgently, nibbling at my labia, working her tongue in among all that juicy sweetness.

When I came, it was like a nuke going off inside my skull. As I climaxed it was so powerful I couldn't even touch myself – waves of pleasure rippling through my body like an earthquake – and I'd scored high on the orgasm scale, I can tell you!

I'm thinking about sucking her pert titties ...

When I collapsed back in my chair my hair was damp with sweat. I thanked ArianaBay for the personal sex show, and LiveJasmin for another inspirational cam model who inspired such a wonderful, nerve-tingling orgasm!

Phew! That's all for now!



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