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LiveJasmin Asian Review - An Asian Sex Chat Wonderland

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Sign-up to is totally free, there is no membership joining fee or monthly subscriptions. This simple procedure includes choosing a Username and Password, and registering with a valid email address - and you're up and running. No hidden fees or confirmation emails required on LiveJasmin.

This sexy cam site understands customer service, and they understand it well. So much so, that new members are welcomed with gifts, which include free 'sneak-peeks' and 'free credits'.

Just validating your credit card earns you a bonus of 9.99 credits! New members are rewarded with 10 free 'peeks' into an in-session private sex show. When used, members get to spy on an ongoing performance for 20 seconds. There is no obligation to buy credits, however the members who do - get to experience the best part of this sex site: Private oriental webcam shows.


One of many sexy oriental webcam models found on

Sex Chat with Asians: The Options

As with all comparable live chat cam sites, LiveJasmin offers both great shows, as well as features and benefits that both users and members can enjoy.

  • Free Chat - Free Video Chat, is available to both users and members, though guest users are time-limited. This helps keep the rooms a little less crowded, as well as sets an incentive for guest users to sign-up. There is little to no nudity, if anything - the oriental webcam models are more flirtatious. Find the right babe, and she'll try to lead you into a private performance.
  • Private Chat - Maya's personal favorite: 'In your face' fuck fiestas! Take sex chat with sexy Asians to that next level, where anything and everything (almost) is possible. For finger-dipping, shorts-creaming fun - it doesn't get better.
  • Voyeur Mode - Spy on models who are already performing in an ongoing private sex show. Let your inner voyeur out - have a little fun.
  • Favorites - Collect and cultivate your very own personal 'go-to' list. These are the Asian babes that you have previously enjoyed, or the oriental models who arouse you. Having a favorites list cuts down on search time - leaving you more time for that which is important, watching women strip and get dirty!
  • Gifts - If you've enjoyed the show, and feel like sharing a little love - surprise the deserving cam star from a selection of virtual gifts.
  • Snapshots - Create lasting memories and take pics of your private sex shows or open chat sessions. The snapshot tool which LiveJasmin provides, allows you to create and store, your very own personal photo album.

Sexy Oriental Webcam Models

LiveJasmin has it's fair share of registered sexy Asian models, from fine Filipina fillies to fiery Indian goddesses; babes from Bangkok to Beijing. Depending on the time of day, there can be 100+ online models available for sex chat and private shows. With such variety and choice, LiveJasmin members are rarely at a loss.

The LiveJasmin cam rooms are upmarket, and inviting - creating comfortable spaces for stimulating sex chat with Asians.

LiveJasmin, the chique live chat site is among the best places to meet gorgeous Chinese models or even cam babes from Japan. Exotic honeys who are both skilled and experienced, and are quite happy and willing to school ya, when they spread themselves wide open.

The frontpage of the Asian category on

Live Webchat Payment Methods & Credit Purchase

Members have payment option choices, when it comes to buying credit packages:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Bitcoin / Litecoin
  • Webmoney

Credits are offered as bundled deals. The larger the bundle you purchase (credit card), the more bonus Credits you'll earn.

  • $31.99 gets you 17.99 credits - no bonus credits
  • $47.99 gets you 27.99 credits + additional bonus credits of 1.99
  • $106.99 gets you 67.99 credits + additional bonus credits of 5.99
  • $155.99 gets you 97.99 credits + additional bonus credits of 7.99
  • $249.99 gets you 157.99 credits + additional bonus credits of 9.99

Credit bundles available to purchase with credit card on

It should be noted that all currency rates are continuously being updated according to the latest market value. The cheapest credit bundle is only revealed if you try leaving the page without completing a credit purchase.

Camsex - Love You Long Time For Dollars ($$$)

The cheapest cam rooms I could find go for 0.98 credits per minute - which are popular and in high demand. New Asian cam girls can be found performing at around 1.98 credits per minute, while an average private sex chat, with a more established model priced around 2.49 credits per minute. Look: As there are no pricing restrictions on Live Jasmin, models are really free to charge what they want.

If you're into private messaging, exchange lusty letters with your favorite amateur porn star for just 1.20 credits per message. If you happen to already be a member of the sexy slut's fan club - your correspondence works out cheaper, costing half-price.

LiveJasmin Asians Reviewed: Hot Oriental Webcam Models - Finger Dipping Good.

Hi, and welcome to another one of my infamous cam sex adventures. I love sharing my sexual online escapades and sex cam site experiences with you all, my lovely nymph audience.

Today's story is all about a faithful favorite and it's collection of exotic cam stars. I am (of course) talking about LiveJasmin and the mouth watering orientals housed here. I personally think that Asian women are among the sexiest people on the planet! I just get so wet thinking about their petite milky bodies - with perky pixie breasts, and perfectly hard nipples. Mmmm nom nom. I can't help myself, I see sexy Asians - and soon get those uncontrollable urges to get naked, and go one-way 'down-town'.

Finding these exotic babes is easy - as LiveJasmin features an easy-to-use navigation, and I was hooked-up in 'Chinatown' in a single click. As to be expected from Jasmin, the Asian's category homepage is filled with gorgeous thumbnails of amateur oriental cam babes. The pics all include the model's name with a dot next to it. Online models, who are available for private sex chat appear with green dots, and those models who are at present involved in a private sex show or a group show - appear in red. The offline models are represented grey. Just remember: Green means Go!

Already an existing LJ member, I checked the balance of my account and then added more credits. I chose the modest package for just $106.99, and bingo scored a bonus 5.99 free credits (purchase #5). The fact that Live Jasmin rewards it's members on their initial (and then after every 5th credit purchase) - with bonus free credits, should be enough to attract new members and retain existing loyal fans. I know that I signed-up, way back when - and that I'm still here, a 'Jasmin' lovin' porn fan'.

If you've never had the pleasure of visiting LiveJasmin, where the fuck have you been? Check this out: The Asians homepage is beautifully laid out with sexy oriental models waiting in stylish decorative cam rooms. Hovering your mouse over those models with a green dot, gives you a mini-preview of what's happening - a tester before deciding to enter her room, or move on to the next.

Right, returning: So I did what any warm blooded babe with a healthy libido does - I proceeded to get a little moist. Not too wet mind you, as I knew that my night was just beginning - and I had big juicy dirty plans. I turned my attention back to Jasmin, and the lovely Asian cam models. I decided to open my adventures with a sexy oriental cam babe dressed in blue and white.

The moment you enter the chat room, you know you're in for good times. The video chat window, which is pretty large and centered - displays a clear detailed picture of the sexy looking cam babe. Now, Lora was a little on the shy side, and wasn't up for too much talking - though she did have a killer smile, petite features, and what looked to be - well rounded firm breasts. Although fully dressed, she had still managed arousing her nipples to attention, and my own nipples responded - growing hard and in size.

A sexy oriental cam star models for the camera on

I decided against a private sex show, fuck - I don't know why? I just wasn't feeling it with Lora. Don't get me wrong - drop-dead gorgeous, with a body that I could just eat for hours. Maybe I should have a go? No, I know what I feel like and for now Lora ain't it! Needles to say, that I added that sexy cunt to my collection of cam beauties - and made her the latest entry on my favorites list. I would be back, her sweet snatch will eventually be mine.

I returned to the gallery and sniffed around a little, before happening on one sexy Asian cam babe who caught more than just my eye.

This Asian beauty damn near took my breath away, and despite the fact that she was already performing private, there was no way I was leaving her room - before having a little 'look-see', and spying on the honey. Fortunately, I still had a few 'free peeks' left over from my days of sign-up! These gifts don't expire and I wasted no time in using them to satisfy both my curiosity as well as my own wet hungry pussy.

Holly FUCK! I couldn't have chosen a more opportune moment to have entered this beauty's cam chamber.

Everything was just right, as I caught the last moments of her sensual sex act. I watched as she slowly removed her fingers from inside her 'well-manicured and moist cunt'. I could resist no more, and soon my own hand was lost down-town and my own marching band began to play. Back to Meili and her extremely appealing, mostly naked firm body. Have you ever seen such a perfectly rounded breast?

An Asian cam babe sucks her fingers clean after performing on

Well aside from my own modest puppies, I had not - and found myself totally enamoured with this exotic oriental. You guessed it, model #2 from today's hunt to be added to my list of lustful ladies. Ok, so I creamed a little and smiled a lot and had every intention of snatching this babe to private, but had my spirits somewhat crushed - as she had gone offline, straight after this spectacular private performance.

Although somewhat disheartened, I knew that she'd be back online, and ol' trusty Jasmin would let me know - our time together would come. For now I must roll, the show must go on.

Ok, so my vag juices are still flowing and pressure is mounting, my next visit needs to be 'the one'. Back to scrolling and soon I come across Reistar. This tidy princess from the far east was a delight from the moment I entered her room. Pleasantries were quickly exchanged and it didn't take too long for us to go private and get it on.

She proceeded to remove her shirt, and went for her bra - I stopped her. I insisted she remain semi-clad, and she did - beginning to stroke her covered breasts, until her nipples were bulging. She was wearing lacy black panties - my favorite kind, and as she was slipping them off, 2 of my fingers quickly slipped into my wet cunt. Game on!

Reistar was skilled enough to know exactly which positions to assume - and with every pose, the show was only getting hotter and hotter.

A cute oriental babe flashes a smile on

No toys were needed, as she relied solely on the strength and dexterity of her teasing fingers to get the job done. The show could not have been more beautifully orchestrated, with both HD cam2cam and clear 2-way audio in play - I find myself, once again in my happy space. I came quick and hard - and was happy to see, that she had too.

I never like finishing first, and was relieved to see that she too had been satisfied - as we were both left to do a little clean-up, down there.

I felt comfortable knowing that the 2 of us could share that 'fresh orgasm high' together. We resumed public chat, and I treated her to several virtual gifts - I was in a generous mood, and more importantly - she had delivered a remarkable and memorable show, and deserved each and every one. Make that model #3 to be added, and so my personal collection of quality cunt - grows.

You don't need to travel half way across the globe to taste the far east - with the Asian babes on LiveJasmin, just a few clicks away. It's tough to go wrong with so many gorgeous models on offer - and always up for dirty sexy action. There will always be some oriental webcam models, who can make your sexual desires come true.

Free to join, and no monthly payments - If you haven't already, I would encourage you all to sign-up! You'll thank me later - to my female fans, I take my payment in kind. No regrets, LJ has proven itself to be an excellent stop - for dirty sex chat with Asians. To see even more exotic Asian snatch, check out my listings for leading oriental cam sites. is a fantastic live chat site with amazing models, including the gorgeous babes form exotic Asia. With free credits on your first purchase, you're already ahead of the game. You don't need to be a fortune-teller from China to know that signing up on Jasmin - will bring you sweet and happy, wet and wild - fun sexy times.

Peace out,



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