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Review of xLoveTrans Real Live Tranny Cams

Real TransGender Sex Chat Cams Are Waitng for You

If you are looking for a live webcam chat site that has something a little bit different, a taste and a flair for the slightly less mainstream, niche adult cams, then xLoveTrans is possibly the place for you.

This is a relatively unknown adult xxx cams site, but it is coming at you with a well-rounded presence across many different niche sectors, including real transsexual cams.

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For those of you that enjoy experimenting with your own sexuality, or are just curious about testing the waters and seeing what other live webcam chat outlets there are out there for you to enjoy, very few things can come close to the exhilarating experience of a real transsexual cams chat session.

The Benefits of Live Tranny Sex Chat Are Clear to See

There are always a few aspects of such an adult xxx cams encounter that far outshine those of a regular live webcam chat show. The models are often that much perkier, and more willing to engage in flirtatious chat sessions.

The real transsexual cams of xLoveTrans are an extension of their main site, and as such are much more accessible than some other sites in this niche. It also makes it the perfect place for experimentation, because you do not need a specific account in order to enjoy the live webcam chat. This creates a degree of anonymity that will encourage more people to stop by and try the show.

Credits are also carried across from the main site, so as long as you have one of the credit packages that are available to you, then you are ready to go.

Maya spends some time with the xLoveTrans Models

Why hi there, thanks for joining me for this review today. I have to tell you, it is not normally my playground, but there is something cool about these hot real transsexual cams. Most of these women look better than I do, and have bodies to die for. Who doesn’t want that, either to be it or to be hittin’ it?

The first adult xxx cams show I opened was an immediate surprise. The model was laying there wearing nothing but red, heart shaped nipple covers and a small thong that showed the large bulge in her crotch. I have to say that I was impressed with the natural look of her breasts and the way they swung as she moved.

Hot Tranny Babe Ready to Rock

The hot live webcam chat star was friendly and engaging and while the show was not what I would call hot, it was pretty clear that a private show was the ultimate goal. Under many other circumstances I would have obliged, but because this was my review visit, I could not go straight into private with the first real transsexual cams model I found. I did add the model to my favourites list, and then send them a small bonus, simply because my momma raised me right.

Back on the homepage, I browsed through the live models and after finding that the two I had earlier earmarked were already in private shows, I had to think fast, and found another cam, that simply felt right.

Once again, the cam loaded in a small screen setting, but I quickly changed it to the maximum option, which was one below full screen, and was treated to a very attractive – I still cannot get over how hot some of these real transsexual cams stars are – brunette. She had long hair, creamy skin and a smile that lit up the chat room.

Cute Trans Babe Loves to Tease

There were quite a few people in the chat room, which was really to be expected with such an attractive live webcam chat model. The chat was a lot naughtier than I had seen on the more standard cams on the site. The viewers were very explicit in their requests, and the hot adult XXX cams model was just as hot with her responses. I like it when a girl has a filthy mouth, and I will not lie, this real transsexual cams babe was getting me hot and wet. My finger was rubbing my hot clit before I knew it. Hell, I would certainly do this babe.

However, it turned out that I was not the only one who had that idea, and the model disappeared into a private show without warning. I didn’t mind though, because I was ready to go check out another live webcam chat feed.

Even though xLoveTrans makes no attempt to hide their real transsexual cams, there is a clear reduction in the number of active cam feeds, compared to the traditional cams, so my range of choices were slimmer than on some of the other channels, but still, I managed to find a promising looking feed with a stunning Asian webcam chat star.

Hot Tranny Babe Ready to Fuck

I loaded the cam just as the star was stepping out of their pants. I was impressed by the size of their cock, and it was not just because I was in full screen mode. I was going to take the show into private chat, but I realized pretty soon that there was no need. This real transsexual cams star was ready to put on a show for anybody that wanted to watch. Stroking their cock, she cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples at the same time.

Her plump, painted lips pursed as she groaned and threw her head back as her cock began to pulse. She cried out as her cock shudder and cum sprayed over the bed. It was fucking hot, and it had me sliding three fingers inside myself

I sent the model some Love, another nice little option that the site offer. It is a free way to express your appreciation for the cam show you have seen, or are watching. I then sent a nice big tip, because, well, she had earned it with a hot live webcam chat show.

I really like the real transsexual cams of xLoveTrans. They are a great alternative to the other adult XXX cams, and will certainly spice up your online sexual encounters.

Give it a try today. What do you have to lose?



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Review of xLoveTrans.com - Reviewed by Maya
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