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Howdy peeps. It’s a pleasure to see you here again. Are you all as horny as me? Up for another review of a hot website?

Well, today we are doing things a little differently. I am going heading over, but not just for anything. No sir. Tonight I was looking for something very special.

Do you also ever have those cravings? Those sudden desires that consume you, hounding you until you go to all lengths in order to satisfy them. I had that earlier tonight, and so I just knew that the Asian division of would be the place I headed.


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Now, I am no strangers to the hot cam models at Sexier, yet oddly enough I have never really been through the Asian district. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Asian women. There is actually nothing tastier than a juicy Asian snatch, but for some reason when it comes to live webcam chat shows, I seem to have become rather closeted.

Tonight that changed. I spent some time with not one, but two hot Asian webcam babes and we had the time of our lives.

The first babe whose came I opened was a bubbly character who was dancing around on her bed wearing a dainty white silk negligee. She was cute as a button and I felt enchanted by her from the moment I first saw her. Her petite body, tint breasts and the smile, her smile lit up the cam. It was off peak chat hours, but still, I knew I could not waste a moment so after a few minutes of teasing and playful flirting in the almost empty live webcam chat room, I took this hot web cam babe straight into a private chat show. Priced at a perfectly reasonable 1.99 a minute I was fully prepared to take my time and enjoy the show that was going to be put on for me.

Screenshot of Asian Hotty Teasing with a Fucking Machine Screenshot of Asian Camgirl in Bright Negligee

In the private we got to chatting, and she was soon dancing over the bed, naked, the negligee thrown to the floor. Her body was beautiful, her skin smooth and flawless. Running her hands over her body she was begging the camera to love, and love her I did. I popped my screen into full screen mode and thanked my lucky stars that she had a high definition webcam.

After she was done dancing, and flexing her rather dexterous body for me, she settle down to start the show; tweaking her nipples, cupping her tits and rolling her hardened nipples between her fingers until she was biting her tongue in an effort to maintain control. Her hands fell between her legs and started stroking her lightly haired twat. I was certainly aroused by her performance, but at the same time there was something about it that just left me feeling that little bit unsatisfied. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I knew that I needed a change. Ending the chat I headed back to the live Asian webcam babes section.

I am a fan of the larger figured women. Not BBWs, but curvy babes with round asses, but when it comes to hot cam babes of the Asian persuasion they have to be petite. That is exactly what I was looking for when I was browsing the available cams again. I found exactly what I was looking for on the second page in a cute as a button dark haired babe. She was soft and sexy, and had an air of innocence about her that was missing in the first live webcam babe I chatted with.

Screenshot of Sweet Asian Babe on Cam Screenshot of My Asian Honey Thinking about Kinking

We struck up a conversation and spent a little time chatting before we headed off into private. She was funny to talk to and was kinky as crap! She was a little slow to warm up, chatty, but not in a way that made me think kink. When out of nowhere she invited me into private and promised that she had whips and a collar that she was about to don, and even showed me a paddle and some clamps which she laughingly told me could be used in more than one place.

Believe you me, I could not hit ‘go private’ quick enough. Even though she was pricier than the previous women, running at $2.49 a minute, I just knew that I was in for a wild ride.

She was nude before the camera finished loading and immediately started to paddle herself with the bat, leaving red welts on her cheeks. Rolling over he clamped her nipples and showed me how she could tease her clit ring, pulling on it in quick jerks.

My hand was buried in my snatch and I couldn’t work my hands hard enough. I was dripping wet and so was she by the time she slid her huge dildo into her snatch, swallowing it deep without hesitation.

She was screaming as she came, and I was too. It was awesome, and easily the best experience I have ever had online with a live camgirl. Asian women just look so hot when they come.

With the show over, I only had a few credits left to spare. We chatted a moment longer in free chat but she was worn out and wanted to go, and I needed to get this review written while my hands were still sticky with the memory.

Yet, as is always the case with Chinese, half an hour after you are, you are hungry for more, so I will now bid you a good night. I am off to load up my account and see if I can’t find another oriental beauty to help ease me into a orgasmic slumber.

Peace out my friends, and keep checking back on the site. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of new reviews coming your way soon.



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    Great asian sex review. Love me some asian maya babes.

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    I would love to be one of those models. I read this review and can't wait to get on cam with them.

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    top stuff. Interesting site, hot review. Good looking cam sluts in those pics too.

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    Maya you make me so hot. Love your reviews. Keep em coming

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    another top review this time with asians. Love the construction.

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    Great review love this site it always delivers on what it says

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    Hot asian babes. Great review. Interesting facts and good story to end it