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Cost of Kinky Live Sex Shows

Unlike many other live webcam chat sites, FetishGalaxy.com is not free to join just like its older (and more mainstream) brother Sexier.com. When joining, prospective members are required to purchase credits. The site cannot be re-entered until that has been done. While there is no obligation to spend them immediately, they need to at least be present on an account before even free live xxx chat sessions can be enjoyed.

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Fetish Webcam Chat Options

As the name would suggest, Fetish Galaxy is a site devoted to the kinky side of online xxx chat. Filled with cams offering all manner of fetish based delights. Yes, at the end of the day, it is a live video chat site, and that means there is guest / free chat and then paid chat options.

  • Exclusive (private) Chat – This is a one on one private video chat, that cannot be interrupted by anybody. Just you and the model with only your wildest fantasies allowed.
  • Sneak a Peek – Hitch a ride on a private video chat session, you cannot chat, but you can enjo the live fetish cam action all the same.
  • Four Different Screen Modes – From small to full screen you can customize the display to suit your needs.
  • Zoom – Zoom in on the model, move the camera around and find that perfect angle to give you the best personalized live fetish cam view possible.
  • Favourites – Add models to your favourites list and always find them at a quick glance without having to crawl through all online models.

The site offers a wide range of little features including biographies that tell you more about the models you are browsing, photo galleries, videos and more.

Kinky Cam Girls

Being a fetish site, the live sex chat set up at FetishGalaxy.com is unlike the more traditional web cam chat sites around. It is split into a large number of sub groups, each one being an individual fetish, from feet to spanking, smoking to cum play. The site offers man things for everybody, but that does come with a reduced number of girls per fetish. Depending on when you log on, you can find between 5 and 10 models per live fetish chat option, each one being an expert in her field.

Screenshot of Fetish Sex Cam Rooms

Loading Up Tokens to Your Account

Tokens are the key to successfully using FetishGalaxy.com and as we mentioned earlier, they need to be purchased in order to join the site. Tokens are bought in predefined batches

  • $25
  • $50
  • $75
  • $100

Tokens can be bought with

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards – Visa, Mastercard, etc.
  • Paypal – when using Epoch as the secure third party service provider.

Tokens can be used in a number of ways and while the account must be loaded before it is activated, there is no obligation to spend them once they are there.

My Own Mindblowing Anal Sex Cam Experience

Hi Guys, welcome back to my humble abode. Are you in the mood for a new sort of review. I am leaving behind the standard world of live chat cams and venturing into the darker side, the kinky avenues of the fetish xxx cams universe.

Live fetish chat is something I can relate to because I am a freak when I get my engine revving, so I am really looking forward to reviewing this site, and maybe a few others like it. Fetish Galaxy is the lucky site to get the Maya treatment today, so grab your cocks and hold on tight, you are in for a wild ride.

The site takes a little getting used to in its layout, and personally I was distracted by all the different options that were available to me. I mean there was anal training, spanking, outfits and masks, bondage and cum play. You name it there was a live fetish chat room that would give it to you on a silver platter and then some.

Screenshot of Kinky Lesbian Webcam Couple

Personally I am a fan of anal play. I love getting my cunt eaten while a finger or a dildo fucks my tight asshole. Oh yeah, I love it. So that was where I headed for my first look at the site. I found out that there were three show types, private show, public show and intro show. Intro shows are the freebie chat, while public shows and private shows cost money and offer a more hardcore experience.

I had to load my account with credit when I created it, and chose the beginners option of $25. The credits are only available in predefined quantities. Not that it mattered, as $25 is my standard top up amount.

I found a stunning little blonde who sat before a wall of toys, whips and chains. I really thought I had hit the jackpot. She was in a public chat and she pulled a whip off the wall before I said anything and started whipping her ass with a kinky looking dildo, and her groans of pleasure showed how much she wanted to feel that leather strap stinging her flesh. I wanted to take her into a private, and was disappointed when she went offline soon thereafter.

Screenshot of Blonde Whip-Loving Camgirl Screenshot of Kinky Blonde Fingering Her Ass

Searching around the other cams, I stumbled across a beautiful, skinny twenty-four year old brunette who was dancing around behind the live fetish cam. Her ass was red from the spanking she was giving herself, and she played with her tits as if she were getting fucked for the last time ever.

She wore a red and black underwear set and when we headed into private she kept them on for a while, fucking herself by pulling her panties to one side and sliding four fingers into her dripping pussy. At this point I have to say that I threw the show into full screen mode, lost my clothes and stated bashing by own beaver.

We took our time, the show was very reasonably priced and I was having a great time. After a few minutes of furious masturbating, we stopped and started chatting again. She was teasing me, and I loved every minute of it. Bending over, she spread her ass cheeks and showed me what I wanted. I could feel my cunt start to pulse as my fingers worked in furious circles over my clit.

Carried away in the emotions of the moment, I turned on my webcam and hooked up to the cam-to-cam feature. I could feel the excitement build as I saw her eyes take me in. They ran over my body and I could feel them as if she were standing next to me, touching my body like a lover. She smiled and the cam shone with her bright energy. I told her to fuck herself and she listed with an even bigger smile. I could feel my own orgasm building and as I lowered my cam to show her how I was going at it, she oiled up her hole and grabbed a thick toy from the bed. I was not expecting her to jump straight to the big guns, but she did, and her ass hole stretch to accommodate it without any hesitation.

She took that thick rubber cock up as far as she could. I used the zoom functionality to bring the camera in even closer. I could see her hole stretching and the oil made the toy shine in the light of her room. Her groans grew and as she fucked herself, I couldn’t hold back any more. I creamed myself there and then, cumming harder that I have in a long time. My brunette model followed soon after, collapsing onto her bed in a quivering heap. Her smile was still spread over her face and she was squeezing her bare tits and teasing herself to keep the high going.

Screenshot of Sexy Brunette Showing Pussy Screenshot of Anal Brunette Ass Fucking Herself Screenshot of Fetish Cam Girl Going All the Way

Out show ended not long after that, and the first thing I did was to add her to my favourites. I had $10 left in credits, and I sent all of it to her in a private gesture of thanks. She was very grateful and even promised to give me a discount if I came back for another show. I promised her I would and then headed off to browse the site a little more and prepare myself for this review.

I looked through a few of the other live fetish chat zones and found a few cams that I would love to pay a visit later on. Including one with rubber and latex clad figures and another with nipple clamps and chains. I’m telling you, if I were a few years younger again I would have cum three times over just browsing the thumbnails for each zone.

If you are a fan of the harder side of fucking, and are confident in your desires, then FetishGalaxy is the place to go for all of our sexual needs. Just pick a girl, sit back and let the erotic times commence. You never know how far things will go, but you can rest assured that it will be a time to remember.

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Review of FetishGalaxy.com - Reviewed by Maya
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