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LiveSexAwards Review - Glamourous Online Cam Girls

Free Live Peeks Into Private Videochat Shows

You might want to dress up before you head over to LiveSexAwards, or you'll be the only schlub there. This place is fancy. All the models have glamour shoot photo albums for your free perusal and their web camera quality is top notch.

This live porn chat experience is tailored to feel glamorous and glossy. The premise of LSAwards is to take you into a world of excellence. If you are looking for a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets, then look no further.

These online cam girls will go at the pace you desire. Whether you want to take it slow or get straight to business, they aim to offer you an intense and captivating show. So, if an individually tailored encounter suits you, then hit up one of these webcam babes as soon as possible. They are waiting for your instructions.


Athletic Brunette Playing With Herself

How To Get Your 10 FREE Private Teasers

All that is required from you in the sign-up process is your email address, and the creation of a username and password. You will not need a payment method at this point. Before you create an account, you'll be locked out of most of the sites fun functions, like sending chat messages, adding models to a favorites list, and giving points of appreciation to your favorite models. After you are logged in, you will see you have been given a gift of explicit access to their online cam girls. These are their Private Teasers.

Be wise when using your 10 Free Private Teasers. They are 20-second peeks into a live porn chat Private Show. Use them to get yourself a taste of what to expect when entering into longer one-on-one chats with these supreme sex goddesses.

You'll be prompted to Take a FREE Look. You get to use your Private Teasers when you find a model who is active in a Private Chat. Or maybe you'll prefer to find a girl in the Free Chat, and then when she pops in a Private Chat with another member, you  then you can use you Private Teaser to see into the chat you were already in.

Ass in the air brunette babe on Live Sex Awards

A Dynamic and Engaging Webcam Show

As a new guest on the site you won't get to see any hardcore live porn chat, but you will have access to the model's free chat room until she goes into a private show with another guest.

  • Guests – Just visiting the site gets you access to all the webcam chat rooms. Looky only. No Touchy. If you do get to see some titties, consider your self lucky.
  • Members – A simple email and username sign-up opens up some features and gifts, like: ten 20-second free Private Teasers to peek into ongoing nude chats, and the ability to add models to your favorites list.
  • Private Chatting – When you have Credits and start your own private shows with, you are now in an intimate one-2-one chat with the model of your choice.
  • Cam 2 Cam – A trusted and safe cam experience where you too can show yourself to these naked beauties.
  • VIP Show – The hosts will start a show at designated time and at a lower Credit rate. These shows are fun, but they are open to others for a group session.

The Models of Live Sex Awards

Live Sex Awards models are beauty and glam. Lipstick and high-heels. Jewelry and nails. Bedroom eyes and seductive curves. These makers of this live porn chat destination have built one of the world's largest collections of online cam girls. A virtual sex library with a seemingly unending amount of pleasure babes.

In each model's biography, you'll learn of all their personal details and of what actions they are willing to perform. With an online cam girls source of close to 50,000 models, there are always at least 1000 models active at any given times. Go through the various categories and explore. The primary categories are Girls, Boys, and Tranny. And within each of these categories, you can find everything from Anal play, to Dominatrix or Submissive, to Roleplaying and Toy Play, and on.

And be sure to check out the Awards models. The top 100 Models on LSAwards. It's a cultivated list based on popularity from guests and members. As a guest to the site, you can vote or give a point to one model every day. But as a member, you can vote for all your favorite models. Voting and giving points to the models is your way to show your appreciation for excellent sexcam chat performances.

This beautiful blonde bombshell consistently ranks as on of the Top 100 Models. Her name is PrettyGirl000. Look her up. And then you decide is she's worthy of your vote.

Beautiful blonde blue-eyed webcam vixen

Buying Credits and Live Porn Chat Payment Options

Credits can be purchased by way of any of the following payment options:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Bitcoin / Litecoin
  • Webmoney

Credits are offered as packaged deals. The larger the package you secure, the more bonus Credits you'll obtain.

  • $31.99 gives 17.99 worth of credits with no bonus credits
  • $47.99 gives 27.99 worth of credits with bonus credits at 1.99
  • $106.99 gives 67.99 worth of credits with bonus credits at 5.99
  • $155.99 gives 97.99 worth of credits with bonus credits at 7.99
  • $249.99 gives 157.99 worth of credits with bonus credits at 9.99

Top rated premium price cam babes

It should be noted that all currency rates are periodically updated according to the latest values on the market.

How Much Will All This Camsex Cost?

In the Private Chats, the cheapest you'll find some Models at is 0.98 Credits a minute. The average cost a minute is around 2.99 Credits. The more popular and veteran Models can set their rates in upwards of 5.99 Credits a minute. And there are a few Models that may set their rate as high as 7.99 Credits a minute. As a Premium Member you can also send the Models private messages. Sending a standard length message costs 1.2 Credits

Maya Gets Wet With These Babes For This LiveSexAwards Review

Oh my, so much boring stuff about this and that. How much this costs, what does this button do, who are those girls, where do I put my wiener?... Yah, I know you!. I know you just want to get to the part where you stroke it with these lovely ladies of the internet.

And we'll get there. I promise. But first, a little about me and what I want. And what I want is in your best interest too. I want you to enjoy yourself before you release yourself. I want you to find your perfect virtual sexcam match. And then I want you to get her to take you down to pleasure town. Because that's where I live. So, lets be neighbors.

Now, if you follow my reviews, you know I love finding real gems out there in webcam land... Are cam models having secret meetings? Or is there a union for these ladies? Maybe someone started the University of Webcam Sex?...These women are operating on a professional level that's hard to match. Whatever is happening, it's happening! And I really don't care if I ever know the secret to sites like LiveSexAwards. If they keep rocking the show, I'll be ready to go.

Their url, doesn't roll off the tongue that easily, but I don't care. They can call their website whatever they want. If they can do to my horny cooter what I know they will for you, then they are on to something. Now let's see what your sweet little hostess with the mostest has to review for you here.

Why you should create a Free Account as soon as you can?

LSAwards is pretty tame in it's explicitness until you create a Free Account, or most obviously, pay for Premium Access. So, as with other xxx adult camsites, you should register right away. Doing that is easy enough. You merely need to sign-up with your email address, and choose a username and password...

...And BAMM!! Perfect Round Butt to the Face!!

Bubble butt blonde babe shaking ass

To be the honest gal that I am, I will admit that it doesn't take much to get me off. I can Free Chat all day with these gorgeous girls in their bikinis or stripped down in their panties. It doesn't take a hard nipple or a peek of a cute bunghole to get me off. I just love the female from. And that's almost enough for me. But I also know that that second brain of yours requires a bit more to satisfy its wants and needs.

The goal of my LiveSexAwards Review is to help guide you through on how best to engage with the options and functions of this webcam service, as a Free Guest and as a paying Member.

How best to use your Private Teasers?

The 10 free teasers you get as a Guest are to be spent wisely. They last only twenty seconds. Here's what I learned:

  1. Go to your Favorites List. I hope you listened to what I wrote earlier about starting to save models into your Favorites.
  2. Check out who is online and hangout in the Free Chat until she goes into Private Chat with another guest. Then Wait!
  3. Wait!... Wait!... give it a good 30 seconds before you enter. You want her to be well into her show. If she still has her bra or bikini on, then sorry...better luck on the next try.
  4. Next try!... Wait 60 seconds this time. These babes don't move slow. But maybe they'll need a minute to get going.
  5. That's it! Have fun with it. And spend them wisely.

More pro-tips for ya!

For guests or paying members - Go check out some of the more obscure categories, or less popular models. They are likely to not have so many other members/guests in their chat room. You'll find many models that are waiting in an empty chat room. And you'll be the only one. It's like she's been waiting for you. Trust me, she'll be so happy to start up with your directly. Do your best to see if you can get a little peek or preview before you commit to her. If you're the only one with her in the chat, and you talk charmingly with her, you may get her to show you her lovely pink parts in Free Chat.

I'm a girl who happens to like some scruff on the muff. The Hairy Pussy category is one of my go-tos. And, as it is, these models tend to have less guests chatting with them. Any of the Fetish categories get me off, like: Dildos, Dominatrix, Footjob (I go crazy for nice feet), and Redheads, oh my God, Redheads!

Bondage and whips and leather on LiveSexAwards

Finding your next webcam girlfriend.

I love exploring. I love all the variety of women in life. And I love that someone has gone ahead and put as many as possible all in one spot. This makes life easy.

Now, whether you want to check in on your cultivated list of Favorites, or you just want to go explore the categories, or maybe you want to go to the top of the models list and look through the Most Popular and the Newbies list, then I suggest using the button that opens a model's chat into a new window. When you hover over a thumbnail you'll see the button appear. Use it. This way you don't get taken away from the page you are looking at. When I'm on, I like to open up multiple windows at a time. And spend my time scanning over these multiple windows. This helps me hone in on the models I'm most attracted to.

Reading others Members comments on a Model's Wall.

As a Guest you won't be able to write something on a Model's Wall. Members can, and they do. I haven't seen this many comments from other Members on a girls page on any other site so far. It just goes to show how interactive their platform is. Reading over the Wall can help you decide if the model you're keen on will give you a good live nude show.

As is happens to be, reading the Wall of one particular redhead that caught my eye, I came across this comment from a previous Guest. The guest wrote, 'wonderful, erotic, sets a mood so that it is just like being in the room with her'. That warm feeling was just what I have been looking for. And now I have a new webcam girlfriend. Meet LittleRedBunny...

Kinky redhead camgirl on LiveSexAwards

Remember I told you I like Redheads?... Well, I checked. And yes, the carpet matches the drapes.

I hope this LiveSexAwards review has been helpful. Every camsite tries to find it's own little corner of the xxx nude cam market. LiveSexAwards is clearly aiming to be that place to go when you want that high-end kind of girl. It's not the cheapest of options out there. But you pay for what you get. And what you get here is in a class above the rest.


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