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Streamate is a live xxx cam chat site that is free to join, but one thing is required, and that is a credit card. Unlike other free adult cam sites like and, you do need to register with a card, and even provide your address before you membership application can be completed. It may seem like a lot to ask, but at the end of the day, everything you enter is secure, so why not.

Once you have joined there are two different options you have in terms of your account status. You can become:

  • Free Membership – you have a unique user name, chosen by yourself, and can chat with models all day long without any time limits.
  • Premium Membership – premium membership status is achieved when once you have tokens loaded into your account.

Members have access to live shows, but also a whole other range of bonuses.


Young blue haired camgirl

Chat with Webcam Girls and take advantage of other cool features

There are two main show types other than free guest user chat. These are

  • Gold (Premium) Shows - Gold shows are special shows offered by the model that are open to the entire audience. The show on offer is in effect a live xxx webcam show, but for multiple people. The model sets the price, and everybody who has bought their ticket with ‘gold’ – the in house tipping mechanism – is invited for the show once the time limit for sign up ends.
  • Private Cam Shows – The good old-fashioned staple of all live adult web cam chat sites. The private show, a one on one webcam experience that is designed to titillate and entertain for as long as the fund balance lasts.

Besides the show types, there are, as mentioned above various other benefits of being a member.

  • Ratings – all members can rate the live chat cam porn models and help others and themselves, but seeing at a quick glance what people think of their chosen model at any time.
  • Email – enjoy the ability to email the web cam girls, and potentially, for those who spend enough time to become comfortable with them, you can arrange private shows offline to make things even easier when the next live xxx chat show starts.
  • Favourites – members can add models to their favourite lists and see at a glance all of their preferred models, checking if they are online before they search the entire database for a hot camgirl to pass the time with.
  • Alerts – set alerts so that you never have to miss your favourite horny cam girl ever again. Every time they come online, you will receive notification.

XXX Bedroom Camgirls

The site boasts an incredible 45,000 + database of live cam girls. That is a huge number, and means there will always be someone online who fits your live sex chat desires perfectly.

Naked Webcam Girls are Waiting for You on

Payment Options for Sex Cam Membership

Tokens can be bought online with several different card payment types.

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • JCB

All payments and token purchases are securely processed through any one of a number of well-known processing servers.

  • Epoch
  • or WebBilling
  • LB Mtree Ltd. or LocalBilling
  • or

Payment for shows works on a dollar per minute basis, so there is no limit as to how much money you can set on your account. Funds are added with a $25 minimum top-up but beyond that, the sky is the limit.

My Own Red-Hot Cam Girl Experience

Hi Guys! Maya here, are you ready for another one of my sexy reviews. You know you are. Today I chose Streamate and let me tell you now, this was a hot one.

I’ve had a busy week, lots of crap going on, so I was really in need of a good session to get help me unwind a little. Sure, I’ve masturbated daily, but that doesn’t quite cut the mustard when the itch really needs to be scratched. I cannot be bothered with the drama of a one night stand, and so live xxx webcam chat with real, horny camgirls is the best way to go.

Logging onto Streamate, I knew I was in for a good time when the first three cams all shows screen captures of women with toys filling their juicy snatches. How dirty a start do you want. I chase the very first webcam chat session on offer – don’t forget I am in the free guest chat still – and was treated to an awesome free mini show. The brunette behind the camera, only twenty years old, bless her, was really going to town on her tight twat. It was great, the image was high def too, and the screen was enormous. None of these little teaser screens. I would say a good 75 if not 80% of my screen was taken up by her live webcam chat.

Screenshot of Horny Brunette Camgirl Screenshot of Horny Brunette Playing with her Pussy

After spending a short time in guest chat, I jumped away to make my account. Now, they said it was free, and this is the case, but you do need to link a credit card in order to sign up. This doesn’t bother me at all, but I know some people dislike it.

Signing up was easy. I got my password emailed to me directly, and for once it didn’t even go in my spam folder. It’s silly, but that instantly makes the site better in my eyes. Don’t judge me.

With my account set up, and $30 loaded. The minimum purchase was $25, but I thought, why not go that extra inch.

Browsing through the models, I was on the look for a very specific camgirl. I wanted a real naughty show, something totally XXX to wash away my stresses. I found it in a fucking HOT redhead (not ginger, but red). She was wearing a kinky black lingerie set and her skin was creamy and flawless. In that perfect way, the sort of person you don’t think could exist in real life.

I was turned on just by the sight of her and was tempted to jump into private chat with her, but first, there was a cold show on. A cheap buy in, and the promise was some anal toying. I told you this xxx camgirl was dirty.

Deciding to give gold a try, I could always top up more for a private show, I paid my dues and waited, enjoying the free teasing my scarlet goddess was putting on. The audio quality was also top notch, I could hear her clear as day, no interference, no lag as far as I could see. It was just the best possible start to a live porn video chat experience ever.

Screenshot of Redhead Cam Girl with Big Tits (1) Screenshot of Redhead Cam Girl with Big Tits (2)

The gold target was hit quickly, the room was damned busy. Ironically, there were not many of us in the gold show, I think seven in total. The gold show experience was something interesting. I have done group shows before, but this had a different feel to it. Everybody just kind of sat back and let the good times roll. The cam girl was almost as wet as I was, and judging by the screen names I was the only woman in there with her.

She lost the lingerie and started teasing herself, moaning into the microphone, and the like. She also moved the webcam around, first showing us her wet snatch, fingering herself on a close up P.O.V style shot, then she stared into the camera as she really went to town on herself. Her face was flushed and her eyes had the pre-orgasmic haze to them.

When the sex toys came out I was already close to exploding with pleasure. I had a toy of my own stuffed into my pussy and was just waiting to slip the second up my ass, but I wanted to wait. I needed to.

True to her word, the model oiled herself up and soon started the anal play. That was all she wrote for me. I couldn´t contain myself any longer. I would have loved to have taken this webcam babe into a xxx private chat show, see how far and how naughty she really could be, but I’d had my fill on Gold.

That being said, I made instant use of several areas of the system. I added her to my favourites list, set up the alerts to tell me when she is online and also sent her an offline message. I wanted to introduce myself, both my screen name and my real alias, I never go by Maya on these cam sights, but rather Mandy. I just wanted to thank her for a great show and talk about maybe pre-booking a private show one day.

We have been chatting on and off all day. This hot cam girl is one kinky thing, I cannot wait to see what she has in store during her next show. She promised me a private video chat session, and I have already loaded up my account. At only $1.99 a minute, I have enough in there for a private show of legend to be born.

The rating system is another fantastic bit of the site, it just makes me sad that I cannot rate her any higher. I really do think I have fallen in love with this hardcore sex chat babe.

Ok, guys, I gotta love you and leave you! I just got an alert. She’s online and that means I’m off to get myself virtually laid. I’ll be back of course, but for now, passion awaits me, and who am I to resist lust’s heavy pull.

If you want my advice, sign up to Streamate today! It is my new favourite site, and it will take something special to change my mind. With 45,000 models, I am sure that the camgirl of your dreams is here, waiting for you. Go find her!


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Love you all!


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