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Review of LiveJasmin Fetish Naughty Sex Cams

LiveJasmin Fetish Cams: A Place to Let your Dark Side play.

LiveJasmin is without shadow of a doubt the sexiest live adult chat cam site around. It has built up a reputation for quality and quantity. They have arguably the largest active model base than any other amateur chat cams site active today.

The fetish variant of the site is no exception. With the classic LiveJasmin real sex cams look and a kinky twist, it captures the best of all worlds.

Free Membership is too good to turn down

Membership is free and works across all LiveJasmin platforms which is a real bonus. There are always a plethora of kinky real sex cams models online, and each one has their own level of kink to bring to the party.


Homepage of LiveJasmin Fetish cams

  • Free Membership (Guest Users) – You can use free chat and view certain, model controlled image galleries.
  • Members (No Credit) – Enjoy expanded access to the image galleries, and higher chance of interaction with the amateur chat cams stars.
  • Members (Credit) – Full access to the site, live chat and private chat shows are yours for the taking.

Join LiveJasmin Fetish Today

Multiple show types mean you never grow bored of these amateur chat cams.

There are several different show types for you to choose from depending on your mood, and your wallet.

  • Free Chat – If you are a guest or a fully paid up member, then free chat is always a nice way to introduce yourself to the live adult chat babes. The main difference being, if you are a paid up member, the chance of interacting with the sexy ladies is higher.
  • Private Chat – The real deal. Hot and hardcore real sex cams shows that will curl your toes and straighten your hair. From handcuffs and whips to nipple clamps and pussy pumps, there sky is the limit in these shows, and satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Cam to Cam sharing – turn on your own webcam during live amateur chat cams sessions and enjoy a more immersive experience, become part of your own amateur chat cams show.

Grab your tokens and let the live adult chat fun begin.

You can purchase tokens at any point in time during your adventures on the site. They are available in pre-paid bundles:

  • $31.99 gives 27.99 worth of credits
  • $71.99 gives 67.99 worth of credits but this option also comes with a bonus of 6.99 credits
  • $101.99 gives 97.99 worth of credits but this option also comes with a bonus of 8.99 credits
  • $161.99 gives 157.99 worth of credits but this option also comes with a bonus of 10.99 credits

Token Bundles at LiveJasmin Fetish Cams

As you would expect with a site like LiveJasmin, you can pay with a wide range of options, including but not limited to:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Direct Debit Transactions
  • Ukash
  • Click 2 Pay, and even
  • Bitcoin – the only real sex cams site that accepts payment in this currency.

If you are interested in taking a walk on the wild side, and letting your inner fetishist loose, then there is no site better equipped to handle your needs than LiveJasmin Fetish. From hardcore practitioners to first timers, the models are always eager to please.

My Own LiveJasmin Fetish Adventure

Hi there, Maya here, and I want to tell you all about this great site I visited today. Well, it is more of a sub site, but you get the picture.

The site in question is and more specifically their fetish division. Now, to those that know me, a little bit of the hardcore stuff is just what I like.

I logged in and spent the first few minutes browsing through the whole selection of real sex cams models. This is always my technique for a new site, as I don’t want to just rush in without thinking.

I scrolled through the homepage, using the small preview thumbnails to get a feel for the models. As always with LiveJasmin, the free chat is a soft-core experience, with little to no skin on display, but that does not mean the shows are not sensual or arousing. Far from it, in fact.

I spent a little time watching this slender young blonde in a tight blue and black cat-suit. The material was stretched so tight her nipples were threatening to cut through, they were so hard. She was nice, and I sent her a couple of small virtual gifts from within the chat session, just to be nice, but she wasn’t really turning me on in the right way. I knew I would be back though, because there was a look in her eye that turned me on, it was just not going to be the day for it. So I added her to my favourites and headed back to the main site.

Real Fetish Cam Chat

I returned to the homepage, and used the upper menu bar to filter my results. I found a hot brunette in a PVC dress and knee high leather boots. She was certainly enough to get me flicking my bean, but sadly, while I was busy trying to connect with her, and flirt a little, someone else came and took her into a private show. I don’t blame them, she was as hot as they come.

Sexy Fetish Babes

The third amateur chat cams star I visited was another winner. A topless redhead with great figure. She was wearing torn pants and long red leather boots. She was lying back and playing with her nipples, twisting them and pulling them. She was playing with a pair of nipple clamps, which she would apply, and then pull off, gasping with delight as her nipples hardened more and more.

I learned from my earlier experience, took the live adult chat star into a private chat pretty fast. She was more than happy to oblige in giving me a hardcore whip and restraint show. She made her ass cheeks glow to make me happy, and I can assure you all, my hands were dripping wet by the time I came.

Make Chat as Naughty as you would like

I finished the show off by sending a nice large tip through to the live adult chat model, and adding her to my favourites list.

LiveJasmin fetish runs in exactly the same way as the other LiveJasmin sites, and that is something nobody can ever complain about. 


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