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Review of TSMate.com - The True Giant of HD Tranny Sex Cams

Free to Join Shemale Sex Chat

Joining TSMate.com is, in many aspects, a free process. There is no initial payment required to join, but before a membership is confirmed valid credit card details must be provided. However, it should be said in advance that to fully enjoy the splendour of TSMate you will need invest some capital, as all private shows or one on one model experiences require the use of an account loaded with credits.

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A Variety of Live Sex Show Types

As with the majority of live tranny sex cam sites, the show operates on a guest / member split, meaning that guest users can use the site, watch and enjoy free live sex shows with the hot tranny babes, but they cannot enjoy the more explicit side of the site.

Being a paid up member introduces you to a world of online tranny xxx experiences including:

  • Private Live Tranny Sex Shows – One on one sex shows with you and a TS babe of your choice.
  • Gold Shows – Live tranny sex shows but with a group feel. The cam model sets the buy in limit and once the time is up, everybody that has paid the cover charge is taken into a hot erotic show.
  • Pictures and Videos – Models can upload their own private photos and video collections opening up a world of pleasure.
  • Favourites – Create your own list of favourite models allowing you to see at a quick glance which of your preferred performers are online every time you log on.

Horny TS Webcam Models

As with all live tranny cam sites, there is a plethora of models registered and a large percentage of these will be live at any one point in time. There will always be someone online who not only fits the bill but surpasses your expectations.

Screenshot of Sexy TS Webcam Models

Tranny Sex Chat Payment Methods

Unlike many live tranny cam sites there are no pre-defined amounts that need to be purchased. As long as more than $25 is used to top up the account at any one time, denominations of any amount can be used which grant members a greater level of account management freedom.

Prepaid bank cards can be used to top up accounts including:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • JCB

My Own Big-Cock Tranny Webcam Show Experience

Why hello there. You look familiar. Have I seen you around here before? Are you ready for another live tranny sex adventure described by yours truly? I don’t want to give anything away, but bloody hell, what a show I witnessed today. It probably helped that I was horny as fuck this morning when I went online.

I browsed my way over to TS Mate and started looking through the site. I have never really made full use of the things these sites have to offer. Sure, I review them, but that is a once, maybe twice off visit. So today I did it differently. I browsed through  a boat load of cams, saying hi here and there. I should say first that I signed up for an account straight away, and added $25 of credits.

After chatting and flirting for a few moments I moved on, building up my own list of favourite live tranny cam babes, ready for later use. Having built up eleven favourites I logged off and waited a few hours before coming back online to start the real review process.

Browsing my favourite models was perfect before I knew that what hot trannies that I was looking at were all the sort of people that would suit my desires. There were only three of my eleven choices online at the time, but that again highlights how great the feature is. There were over 100 live tranny cam babes at the time, yet I could find the three I had marked within seconds.

The cam I loaded was for a thin thing with an odd lingerie set on. By that I mean not matching, not odd as in strange. It looked, for lack of a better word, real. It was everyday, the way you grab a clean bra and panties when in a rush, or when lounging around the house. It doesn’t always match, it isn’t always lace. It was homely and I loved it. The tranny action began straight away with the model posting around, teasing us all. She got down on all fours and started spanking her ass, her dick just poking out the edges of her thong. The show didn’t go very far however, she wasn’t really in the playful mood and seemed to be happy with free shows and gold tips.

Screenshot of Sexy Tranny Posing on Cam Screenshot of Skinny Tranny on all fours in Free Chat

Saying goodbye I returned to my favourites menu and chose the xxx tranny babe I found the most attractive out of them all. A busty brunette with a rack larger than mine and a cock bigger than any I’ve ever swallowed. That however, didn’t really pan out because she was, I guess, a little shy, or didn’t want to show much in free chat, because she didn’t show her face, and I saw from the chat window that lots of people were asking to see her.

I hung around, mesmerized by the tits and cock combination, and actually found myself getting aroused by the idea of being fucked good and hard by a real tranny slut.

Screenshot of Busty Webcam Shemale with a Big Hard Cock

Heading back to the favourites, something I am definitely going to make more use of in the future, I saw that another two live tranny cam babes had come online. Picking one of them, expecting to be one of the first, and possibly strike up a real conversation, I just felt as if I had made the right choice. I was right. At first I was fearful, the cam was set up the same way as the last; no face to be seen. However the pink bra, black pantie combination had my attention, and the impressive tits the bra contained had me getting wet, and as the tranny slut stroked her cocked fast and faster, I found my hands dipping between my legs, teasing my aching cunt.

Screenshot of Horny Shemale Wanking in Free Chat

I couldn’t believe this was a free show, and so quickly grabbed the private chance and away we went. The dirty blonde, whose face was amazingly feminine, was stunning to look at, and happy to just let the way of her urges take control and lead the show. She stripped down, lay back and started beating off while twisting her nipples, groaning and arching her back as her orgasm began to build. I think she must have been online on another cam site before this one. Either that or she was just fucking horny.

I slid my fingers deep inside myself as the tranny slut on my screen flicked her wrist and jiggled her tits hard and faster, her hand become a blur on the screen, which had everything to do with her excitement and nothing at all to do with the uplink speed of the live tranny cam itself. When she came I could see her ball tighten and her strokes changed. She spread her legs and bucked her hips, showering her chest and tits with her own cum. I came too, thrusting my fingers, three of them, deep inside my dripping snatch. It was incredible.

After the show I sent, as is my custom of late, a nice little tip to say thanks for a great show, and then headed away to dry off.

TSMate was definitely the funnest live tranny cam site I have had the pleasure of reviewing, and can honestly say I think everybody should head over there right now and give it a try. Signing up is free, the tokens are inexpensive, for what you get, and the shows are perfectly priced. Cam quality is superb and sound is crystal clear, meaning that TS Mate offers a complete and total package. At all levels, from guest users through to fully-fledged and tokened member accounts, there is something for everybody, and with some pretty decent shows to be found in free chat, you never know what will be waiting for you when you log on.

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Review of TSMate.com - Reviewed by Maya
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  • stephenK666

    gotta make the most of shemale opportunities when they come. It is still a small market so only a few sites and cam stars that make it work

  • gerald

    great bodies on those images you have used. Can't wait to find me some fit he-she sluts to fuck with

  • spamhammer69

    maya is the queen of reviews. Gay, striahgt and places inbetween she welcomes them all and loves them all.

  • enrico

    We need more people to review niche sites like this. Fair play means all sites shouold be reviewed.

  • hentita

    I loved the image galleries. Helped me see beforehand how naughty the model was liekly to get in a private show.

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  • Terry

    hardcore shemal sex site. Gold shows are always worth the wait.

  • Gerald King

    Good review, good looking site. Can't wait to explore it some more tonight.

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    Great review, another fantastic recommendation. I've signed up already.

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    Wicked review. One hot sounding chick.

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    Webcam chat sites are always good, and this review gave me everything I needed to know, and then a little more too.

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    Hot Hot Hot

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    Love it

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    Great site. Been there before. H

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    Signed up on the spot. If Maya recommends it then you know it is legit

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    Tsmate sounds like a hot site. I'm looking forward to exploring.