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Free Amateur Sex Cams and Premium XXX Webcam Membership is one of several webcam sites like MyFreeCams. There are several different membership options on Chaturbate, which include:

  • Guest Users
  • Basic Membership (no email required)
  • Premium Membership

The premium membership is also called a ‘Supporter Account’ and comes with a recurring monthly charge of $20.99, which you can cancel at any time.


Naked sexy camgirl

Free Sex Chat and Live Webcam Porn Shows comes with a range of live xxx chat options for both guests and members alike, including:

  • Free Public Chat – Free chat is the basic level chat that anybody and everybody can watch. Guest members cannot use the video sex chat functionality, but there is no time limit set and their view of the show is not disrupted in any way; with ads or watermarks for example.
  • Private Sex Shows – Private xxx webcam shows are a great experience and reserved for the people who not only create an account, but load it with tokens too. has a policy that allows models to charge as little as 6 tokens a minute for their shows should they so wish.  This is much lower than industry standard.
  • Cam to Cam – Cam-2-cam sex shows are a great addition to the private show package and basically opens up your own personal webcam and allows the model to view you while you are watching her. Not only does this create a heightened level of interaction, but the model can actually see how much you are enjoying her show. Often this will just turn them on even more and give you an ever hotter fuck time experience.
  • Tipping – Send monetary ‘tips’ to sexy babes in exchange for various rewards, or simply to say thank you for a job well done.

Amateur Webcam Girls Do Everything Live on Cam

Despite its relatively new stature in the adult fuck cam world they have a large webcam girl base. With over 4000 amateur webcam models - women, men, couples and trannies - already registered, and more arriving every day, looking for a chance to strut their sexy stuff in the virtual world, is your best bet for finding an online xxx cam soul mate.

Interactive chat, for all but guest users is a great feature, with animated smileys and GIF’s, it adds an extra level of fun and allows for enhanced text based communication.

The models are friendly and at times more responsive that those at other well-known sites, but of course, that is completely independent of the site, and more down to the personal feelings of obligation from the model, to communicate and engage with her viewers.

Amateur Cam Girls are Waiting on

The Price of Premium Live XXX Cam Shows

Tokens are the virtual currency of Chaturbate and compared to many other live sex cam sites out there, they are very, very cheap. That should not lead people to thinking that the site is of a low quality. Far from it. The site is new, and has set prices that are some of the lower around, against high service and great babe – customer interaction. Tokens can be transferred into monetary amounts that equate to as little as $0.47 a minute!

Tokens can be purchased via any one of the following methods:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Wire transfer
  • Money order
  • Personal check
  • NeoSurf
  • PaySafeCard

Tokens on are purchased in batch quantities that range from 100 tokens for just $10.99 through 750 tokens for $62.99 and all the way up to 2025 tokens for $159.99.

My Own Live Webcam Porn Experience

Thanks for joining me again. I´ve had a busy couple of days, and I will tell you something now. I am just gagging for some porn loving cam girl to come along and tease my cunt until I drip like a broke washing machine.

Then again, I don´t really need to explain that to you, do I? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. My site of choice today is It is an easy site to use, and that is one thing I really like. When I’m in the mood to fuck, I don’t want some complicated tech site stopping me from chatting with hot xxx cam stars. I want to point, click and get licked. You know what I mean.

As you know, I love to try out all levels of a sex wecam site, especially the first time I try it on for size. Chaturbate have a decent free guest user chat session. I enjoyed seeing a decent sized fuck cam feed when I loaded the page. When I logged on, I chose, as always the first cam I saw. Sweet mother was I in for a surprise. This sexy babe was either confused about what chat she was in, or just plain didn’t care. She was fucking nude as the day she lost her cherry, with her face paindet like a pussycat, and man, she was going to town on her bald snatch and asshole with two dildos of a respectable size. I couldn’t believe my luck, this babe was wet, she was loving it, and she was going all in, if you know what I mean. Both of us were having a great time, but I was only a guest user, I couldn’t say anything. If I tried I got a pop up window prompting me to take a real membership. I could have stayed in the free chat. I was sure this babe was about to blow, but, that’s not how I roll.

Free Sex Show - Shaved Cam Girl Fucking Herself in Both Holes

I quickly filled out the forms, and create my own account. The process was quick, and while I was there, I added a few bucks to my account and headed back to my close-to-orgasm online soul mate. Much to my chagrin someone else had already swept in and taken her away to that multi-orgasmic place I like to call my own personal slice of heaven.

Jumping back to the main chat window selection, I was keep to find another hot porn cam babe ready for the taking. After all, I had my juices flowing already and didn’t want to lose that rush.

What I found was a live porn feed that was totally out of left field. I found an ebony couples cam. Form the small pre-selection thumbnail I could see that she had a great pair of tits, and you know I love tits, but on top… well, below that great pair as a belly button piercing and a shiny little ring around her clit. Those thumbnails can tell you a lot about the models if you really pay attention and mean you don’t need to go in and read the bio that they all have. Thus, saving you time and keeping your interaction levels high.

I should probably say here, that there is nothing sexier, in my eyes and a woman with a flat stomach and a pierced naval. Also, I have never actually been with a woman who has a clit piercing, and so you can understand that I had to jump at the chance. Even if she was doing a show with a male xxx cam model. I never felt satisfied with a man, but hey, I can suck cock like a pro and watching a woman get pounded by a giant cock is just as big a turn on for me as it is most men.

Well as you can imagine, the couple were not exactly going at it like my previous babe was, but you can’t strike gold every time. Oral sex seemed to be the name of the game, with the guy doing the typing. After all, his sexy partner had her hands (and mouth) full. The plus side for me, along with being able to chat a little, was that she had her round ass to the camera giving me a full on presentation mode view.

It didn’t take long for us to head into private chat, which was once again very reasonably priced, and offered me the best value for money in correlation with the level of control I desire. When I say it was well priced, I mean it. This show was costing my just under $1 a minute.

Hot Ebony Couple on Cam Simulated Webcam Fucking

It didn’t take long for the three of us to start having some real fun, and I always managed to arrange things so that my view of the wecam girl was never interrupted or spoiled. The clock of course started ticking the moment the screen loaded, and to their credit the webcam couple did not waste any time. They were nude and he was hard anyway, but still, I liked their honesty. I came pretty quick from this show, her sexy moans as his cock thrust into her dripping hole just threw me over the edge. I was so wet it was unreal. Then to top of off, the show was so cheap, I still had a crap load of credits in my account. is a new adult sex cam site, and what it is doing is remarkable. It has managed for carve a name for itself in a powerfully populated industry. Their low prices have hooked me and I am certainly going to add this site to my favourites, and that isn´t just because I want to see that sweet looking pussy fucker again one day and give her the private show of a lifetime.

Speaking of which, I’m getting horny again, and as I still have credits in my account, it would be a shame to let them sit there; not that they expire or anything like that. So I’ll catch you horny buggers later, and will leave you with these words. Chaturbate is a horny assed fuck palace. Come on down and join the fun right now, because this is the place where all the action is at and most likely, as of today, so am I.


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