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SuperMen is about Premium Sex Chat with Horny Guys

SuperMen is a site that enabbles you to chat for free on live cam with hot guys. As long as you're a guest you can browse the free sex chat rooms and try to find what you're looking for, but if you want to get some hardcore webcam action, you'll most likely need to sign up.

The process of joining Super Men is two-fold. In theory the process of booking your unique username is free, you just enter the name, the password you want and email address, however, from this point you can't actually use the site until you have topped up some credits onto the account you created. This costs a minimum of $25, but wait, the available token prices, bonuses and packages are explained below.


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A Variety of Sex Chat Offers with Hung Cam Men

As with all live sex video chat sites, both gay, straight or all places in between, there are several show types available, and a wide range of services that can be used to provide a truly memorable xxx gay chat experience.

  • Guest / Free Video Chat – Live sex chat sessions that can be frequented by members and guests alike. No cost to watch, but less to see at the same time. Although, the webcam model's discretion is all that stops a free show from being something truly erotic and explicit.
  • Private Gay Chat – Ranging in price from 0.98 – 5.99 credits a minute, these shows are where the real xxx gay webcam action happens.
  • Happy Hour – For platinum members, happy hour shows can start as low as 0.20 credits per minute for group xxx gay chat shows that will put a smile on every face in the room.
  • Exclusive Gay Shows – Uninterruptable private sex shows that are charged at 6 credits a minute and are the most (as the name would suggest) exclusive gay live porn shows possible.
  • Guy Profiles – While noting unusual in the online live sex chat world, the profiles at offer great insight as to what can be expected in a live private show. Icons denote if said model has sex toys, audio, high definition cams, etc. meaning you can make a good choice of cam feeds to follow before getting to the private stages.

XXX Cam Guys

With more than 100 gay cam studs live at any point in time, and a total of thousands registered male webcam models, there is always going to be a tasty piece of man flesh ready to show you a good time. Gay, straight, bisexual, and crossdresser cams, are sure to always offer you something you'd like to see.

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Buy Gay Webcam Credits and Earn Bonus Miles

Tokens are the virtual currency of and can be used in exchange for private live xxx gay chat session. Tokens are not purchased in individual amounts but rather in pre-defined packages that increase in $25 increments, in addition to which you get bonus miles. Tokens are converted on a rate of 1:1 meaning you get

  • 25 tokens for $25 with 2 bonus miles included
  • 50 tokens for $50 with 6 bonus miles included
  • 75 tokens for $75 with 9 bonus miles included
  • 100 tokens for $100 with 13 bonus miles included

Payments can be made via card or online transactions including

  • Mastercard
  • VISA
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • Electron
  • Maestro
  • And even PAYPAL

All payments are processed using either CCBill or Epoch. People choosing to use Epoch will also be able to top up their account via Paypal, something unprecedented in the gay sex video chat scene.

Paypal sex cams are not a common commodity, and this is one of the greatest advantages of Super Men - another site where you can find paypal sex cams is, which is not an exclusively gay sex cams site, but also offers guy video chat rooms.

My Own Gay Sex Cam Experience 

Hey guys, gals, friends and strangers, welcome to another journey into the erotic. Today I am reviewing a fascinatingly sexy xxx gay chat site called It is a site filled by hot bodied men of all ages, from horny twenty-somethings to ripped mature silver foxes, who know all the tricks and are eager to share their knowledge. Loading the site I fumbled around a while before finding the live feeds. The page, unlike others doesn’t auto direct you to the live xxx gay chat cams. However, that small stumbling block aside the site was as attractive as the men on it.

Opening up my first cam, I got chatting with a couple of Italian studs, who clearly liked to work as a team. One was nude and the other had on his underwear, a waistcoat and his glasses. I don’t know what it was but the combination looked really good on him. I couldn’t pull it off, but then again, I am not Italian.

We chatted for a while, both on the guest user account that I and the fully paid up membership account. I felt kind of pressured into putting money on the account. You need to add at least $25 to your account the moment you sign up, otherwise you cannot use any aspect of the site. As I was going to use them anyway, I signed up, but I can imagine for others it could be a real pain in the ass!

As is always the way on my reviews however, I couldn’t take them into a private show, I needed to look around. I did send them both a dildo however. A virtual gift you can buy and send to the models you are chatting with. I hope they liked it. After prowling around for a little while, I decided to do something different. Rather than a private one on one gay sex chat session, I decided to go for a Happy Hour gay live porn show. This is a group session charged at a low rate, around $1 a minute.

In there, I found a very attractive dark haired man, who had only the keyboard to cover his modesty. The cam feed wasn’t HD, but it was good enough for me to enjoy a gay sex show. I mean, I was there as a reviewer not to get my own rocks off (yea right!)

 Screenshot of Hot Man Wanking on XXX Cam

The first thing I noticed, in both the free chat and this Happy Hour live gay sex chat session is that the models are a lot friendlier than some of the female model sites I have reviewed. Thee well hung studs are looking for a good time, but always seem to ask how you are doing first.

This brown haired guy was already chatting with a few others, and while he said hello, I decided to play the casual observer, so sat back and watched the live adult webcam fun. The man was soon on his back, legs spread with his hard cock in his hands, sliding between his oiled up fingers. He seemed to be enjoying himself, and when he rolled onto all fours, tugging his meat shaft like there was no tomorrow, the crowd seemed to go wild.

I enjoyed what I was watching, but wanted to go and get a little bit of my own action, somewhere private. I am glad that I gave the Happy Hour sessions a chance, I am just, it would seem, more of a one on one kinda girl. I should confess, that real life pulled me away from the computer just now, and it has been two days since I started this review. Bad I know, and it doesn’t usually happen like this, but sometimes, you just need to go with the flow.

Back online and ready to find some fun, I started browsing through the online male cam models. It was an off-peak time so the active gay porn cam stud numbers were down. Still at least 50 or so models for me to choose from and several were catching my eye, so I didn't fear being left horny in the cold. I found what I was looking for in a muscle bound brunette who seemed to be putting on some sort of routine in the free video chat part of his cam feed. Grabbing him because, I mean who doesn’t like hot muscles on a naked body, we ran into private chat and I told him to tease me and show me a good time.

After chatting for a bit, a pre-requisite it would seem with these sexy models, he began to show me his body, and while it took his head away from the screen for the most part, it didn’t matter, because his muscles did all the talking for him. He then moved the camera down and took great pleasure in revealing his throbbing cock to me. He was well hung and already hard, so I am not sure if he was just horny and waiting for me, or if he had just come out of a private show. Judging by his ratings, he was a popular performer and consistently of a high quality.

Screenshot of Ripped Webcam Guy Teasing Me Screenshot of Horny Sex Cam Guy Tugging on His Big Cock

He liked anal cam play, and when I told him to go all the way, he greased up his hand and slip two fingers deep into his ass. What an ass it was too. It was firm and round in the right places. He took his fingers and started to thrust with one hand while continuing to tug with the other. It was quite the show, and unlike anything I've ever watched before.

Even though he charged $4.80 a minute, I can easily say that he was worth it. The show ended with him flipping onto his back and wanking at the speed of light. I’ve never seen a hand move over a shaft so quick, and I am friends with some real sluts. When he came, he exploded showering his shaved crotch, and muscle-ripped abdomen. He laid back panting, clearly happy with the way the live porn show went. I am just sad I couldn’t use the cam to cam feature. It is free and my stud wanted to see me, but I thought it would give the game away; maybe next time.

I found to be a great site, and a wonderful source of attractive men. With free, happy hour and private shows at a range of prices, there is something for all tastes and budgets, meaning nobody gets left out or behind.

I would highly recommend this gay cam site to any gay, bi, or merely curious mind that reads this review. You will not be sorry that you created the account, and really, $25 is nothing when a good time is guaranteed.


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