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A Review of EveLive: Premium Amateur Webcams

When it comes to watching live adult webcams, there are certain criteria that you always like to look for. With EveLive, you know you are in a good place from the very moment you load their homepage.

Presented with a great many hot amateur cams, you can take you pick from a wide range of homemade beauties.

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Sexy EveLive Cam Girl

The site is not free to join, which means you must have a valid method of payment set up before you can confirm your account.

This is always a strange one for a site, but in the case of EveLive, it works, because the reward you get at the end is more than worth the initial investment. Once you have made your account, you can keep it loaded, and top it up as and when you see fit.

Get What You Pay For With Extremely Responsive Hot Amateur Cams

Unlike many other live adult webcam sites, there is no free live cam chat option for EveLive. Even after you have signed up to the site, you need to pay for ever second your spend lost in the company of their hot amateurs cams.

EveLive Adult Webcam Chat

Now this can be a bad thing, but it also means that you know that everybody viewing the show is paying for it, and so are all interested in the same end goal. Nobody is freeloading or piggybacking of your funding. This works to the site’s benefit in that regard.

In return for paying per minute for your live adult webcams fun, you get to chat with exceedingly responsive hot amateur cams stars. Not only responsive in terms of request, but general chat and conversation. From asking about their day to the more hardcore requests associated with live cam chat situations.

Signing up for the Live Adult Webcams is Easy

As mentioned at the start, EveLive is not free to join, but getting access to their hot amateur cams is really easy. Just select your initial payment amount, enter a username and password and confirm the selection you have made.

The credits are instantly credited to your account and you are ready to roll. The homepage is simple and the live preview when you hover over a thumbnail means while you pay the moment the chat starts, you never have to load a live cam chat session without knowing what is waiting on the other side.

EveLive Chat Cam Tokens

Credit Bundles Make Enjoying Live Cam Chat Even Easier

EveLive make it very simple to top up you credits, and offer their prices in token bundles, which means all you have to do is make the selection that suits your needs, or your budget, and away you go.

Token bundles offer a great range of prices and tokens, meaning there is something for everybody.

  • 50 credits for $14.99
  • 120 credits for $29.99 with 18 free credits.
  • 280 credits for $59.99 with 42 free credits.
  • 660 credits for $129.99 with 99 free credits.
  • 1400 credits for $249.99 with 210 free credits.

Maya Meets the EveLive Hot Amateur Cams Crew

Hey there, with all that official stuff out of the way, let me give you the real low down on the hot amateur cams you can find over at EveLive. It was my first visit to the site, and I was really impressed with what I saw. They did not seem to be trying to be anybody but themselves, and that is an important way to build a business.

The large thumbnails were a great place to start. I don’t mind paying per minute for a show, but I do like to know what I am going to be paying for.

 Real Amateur Webcams

It did not take me very long to find a live adult webcams model to keep me entertained. I loaded her cam and instantly she started chatting with me. Laughing and joking, flirting and generally teasing me.

The first thing I did was put the live cam chat in full screen mode. This sexy, dirty blonde was wearing a cute red lingerie set. The room was quiet, and I immediately struck up a great conversation with the model.

After flirting for a while, I teased her out of her bra, her full rounded breasts were a beautiful sight, and her nipples hardened immediately. With complete control of the show, and a nice tip sent to the hot amateur cams model, I soon had her lying on her back with her legs spread. Her bald pussy glistened in the lights of her room, and she was gasping for breath the minute the toy slid into her wet asshole.

Webcam Chat With Hot EveLive Amateurs EveLive Stunning Cam Chat Babe

While it was quiet in the room, I just did not want to share this live adult webcams moment with anybody else, and so I clicked the show into a private session. It was a simple and seamless move, the screen did not even refresh, we just moved from and for 15 tokens a minute, it was fucking worth it.

My hot amateur cams babe rolled onto her knees and started pounding her ass doggy style, really driving her fat toy deep into her whole. She moans and bucked her hips, riding the waves of pleasure, eventually sliding one hand down between her legs, where she rubbed on her clit and flicked her way to a huge, ass cheek shaking orgasm.

Collapsing onto the bed, panting and sweating, she smiled at me, and as I pushed the show back into the standard chat setting, she did not seem bothered at all. He site seems to be the perfect mix of private and group chat. There is no need to wait for private chat to see some skin and some real action, it is just a case of enjoying one-on-one if you so wish.

Sexy Live Anal Chat Show Join the EveLive Crew and Enjoy Hot Sex Chat Cams

I love that, because it gives me, and other live adult webcams fans the best of both worlds.  

Overall, I was very impressed with what EveLive had to offer. I don’t know how old they are, but I can see myself visiting them more often in the future that is for sure.

Take it easy out there, people, and happy holidays with your new live cam chat friends at EveLive.



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Review of EveLive.com - Reviewed by Maya
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