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Review of xLoveAsian Naughty Asian Webcam Chat

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Hi there,

Are you an oriental fan? A lover of the Chinese and connoisseur of the tastes of the Orient, then you will absolutely love the live Asian cams offered by xLoveAsian.

Their live webcams are second to none, and with the site being not only free to join, but also a running niche of the main xLoveAsian site.

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Gallery of XLoveAsian

If you have an account for one, you have an account for one site, then you instantly have access to the others. That also includes their other niche real chat cams, such as their mature, trans and fetish webcam streams.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking around these sites now, and have to say, xLoveAsian is a top quality site, that does everything they can to provide a great user experience.

Beside their xxx adult cams, they offer an extensive video library that can be filtered on all manner of categories, including:

  • Ethnic Group
  • Bust Size
  • Age
  • Eye Colour
  • Hair Colour
  • Height
  • Weight

Much like the real chat cams on the site, not all of the videos can be viewed by everybody. Some videos are only available for those members who have joined that particular models VIP fan club.

Maya Gets A Taste for the Orient

When I first logged on to view the live Asian cams, I came at a peak period, and almost all of the xxx adult cams were in private shows. To some, this would be a disappointment, but to me, it only served to whet my appetite even more. If every one of the live Asian cams was in a private chat show, then they must be doing something right.

I headed out for a few hours, and came back as evening drew in, and was pleasantly surprised to see that there were a lot more cams live, and plenty of them in free chat.

I browsed around the real chat cams, and eventually settled on one that seemed like a winner.

The hot chat model that greeted me was a cute Asian babe in a flowery top that had just enough see through material in all the right places.

Hot Asian Chat Cams

She was not a stunner, but that is the risk you take with real chat cams. Besides, it is not always the truly gorgeous women that are the sexiest. It is about the show they put on and how comfortable they are pushing the limits.

This xxx adult cams star was a solid cam stream. She was friendly and chatting with everybody, and put on a nice display, but ultimately, she was not doing it for me, and so I headed back to find another hot cam babe to spend my time with.

The second cam stream I loaded was home to a particularly lovely live Asian cams model. She was a tall, thin woman in a striking yellow dress. She had a lot of make up on, which if you ask me, was unnecessary because she was clearly gorgeous. She smiled and said hello to me as I loaded her hot cam chat room, but before I had a chance to even respond, she went offline. I think it was more to do with connectivity problems than because her show was finished.

Real Asian Babes Like To Play

It’s a good thing that xLoveAsian have a great customer support network, because if that happened in a private show, you know that you have a team of people ready to help you out.

The next cam I opened was home to a huge breasted gal who had naughty written all over her face. You knew she would just love to have her tits covered in come, whether on cam or off. You know the sort of girl I am talking about.

I was right, it didn’t take long before she unhooked her bra and let those big momma’s run free. They were quite the sight to behold. Luck was not with me today, however as somebody else rushed ahead of me and took this live Asian cams stunner into a private chat before I had finished ogling her tits.

There are days when the gods of xxx adult cams just do not want to work with you. But that is just how it goes.

I found myself back on the main site, and I even considered heading off to the video library to find a nice recorded real chat cams session and indulge myself in that. I did not, you will be happy to hear. I decided to pull the panties from the crack of my ass and give it one more try.

I found a new live Asian cams model who had just come online. She was a full bodied beauty with a beauty mark above her lips, which were so luscious, you just wanted to stare at them, and imaging kissing them.

I was ahead of the crowd and I intended to make the most of it. I sent a nice, attention grabbing tip her way, threw the screen into fullsize mode, and settled in for a good time. I had her attention and was not planning on giving it up.

Horny Asian Babes Are Live Now

The day I had had, I needed to take the opportunity for a live real chat cams private show. I was not disappointed with the show. The xxx adult cams model put on a great show, dancing and twirling her body, sensual and seductive. She was sexy as anything I had ever seen in a real chat cams show. I laid back and just let the model do her thing. Normally I like to take charge. You know, direct the show and call the shots to suit my own fancy, but today, I just let loose. The show built its own momentum and before I knew it, I had two fingers buried in my snatch and was on the verge of exploding.

When you venture into the world of live Asian cams or any real cam chat site, you are always playing a game of chance. There will be days when you cannot find the right model that gets you wet and horny, or maybe you are beaten to the punch every time when it comes to private shows. You just need to suck it up and keep on looking.



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Review of xLoveAsian.com - Reviewed by Maya
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