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Review of xLoveFetish Amateur Fetish Sex Cams

Take a walk on the wild side with real fetish fuck cams at xLoveFetish

If you want to let your wild side run loose, then there are a lot worse places to let it happen that at xLoveFetish. They are an adult chat cam site that really offer something for everybody. They have an extensive list of specialty web cam chats streams, including a number of very hot real fetish cams.

Being part of the main xLoveFetish site means that you do not need to create an extra account or add additional credit just to be able to enjoy a night of kinky web cam chat.

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Fetish cams gallery at xLoveFetish

The fetish cams operate on the same logic as the mainstream adult chat cam feeds, meaning there are only two different show types:

  • Free Chat
  • Private Chat

This makes it nice and easy because you know exactly what you are paying for and what you are not. This strict show structure is also reflected in the attitude of the real fetish cams hosts. They know that the name of the game is private chat, and so it is rare to find them doing much more than teasing in the free adult chat cam shows.

In itself, this is not a bad thing. It is traditional. Saving the best for those special one on one occasions, but at times, it can feel a little outdated.

The live real fetish cam shows offer a range of screen sizes that can be adjusted to suit any viewing platform, and with added controls for brightness and contrast, you can set the viewing to the ideal conditions for you.

Sending tips are always a good option to have in the chat sessions, but another feature offered by the site is ‘Loves’. These are virtual signs of affection that can be sent to the models as a means of showing your appreciation for their efforts.

Maya Gets Her Freak On With Real Fetish Cams

Hi there sexy peeps. Let me ask you something. Are you ready to get freaky? I hope so, because we are about to take a look at the real fetish cams of xLoveFetish.com.

I have been a member of xLoveFetish for a while now, but have not ever truly explored the hot fetish channels that they offer.

As is always my style, I pick a number of cams to watch. I normally start with a walk round the site, checking out the extra features first, but as that is already covered in the main review for xLoveFetish, I will jump straight into the cam chat action.

There were twenty seven different real fetish cams broadcasting, and approximately half of these were in private web cam chat shows. This is actually the sort of average you want to see on sites like this.

I quickly opened up the first cam on the homepage. Just for fun.

Chubby fetish slut is hot as heck

I was pleasantly surprised let me tell you. The model was a little chunky, but she made it work. She was fine as!! In a tight red, latex dress that accentuated her curves in all the right places. She certainly knew how to work the camera, and was a very active real fetish cams model. She moved positions and was incredibly sexy. At one point she crawled away from the camera, only to rear up onto her knees, turn three quarters of the way around and suck her finger while stroking her enormous tits. It was quite the turn on, and I was stroking my pussy before I knew it.

She had this completely intoxicating look about her, and for the first time ever, I came close to not leaving the room. It was fairly quiet, and we were flirty pretty heavily. I wanted to bad to take her into private and see what she could do with a no holds barred web cam chat show. I restrained myself, however, and with a heavy heart, and a nice tip, I left.

(Note: I did go back after finishing my review notes, and we fucked for a very long time in what was possibly the best private show of my life.)

Big Toys Mean Big Fun

Back on the main page, I found another real fetish cams model who was holding an interesting looking web cam chat session.

She was a cute blonde, and while she was not as lively as my first beauty, she certainly demonstrated the fetish side of the cams. She had an extremely large dido on the sofa beside her. I can imagine how good it must feel to take that thing balls deep! She also had a kinky leather face mask which she was just taking off when I joined the show. She draped it over the toy, which I could see was wet with her pussy juices.

I knew then they that she had just finished a private adult cam chat show. She was spent. It must have been a fucking good session.

I hung around for a bit, because she was cute, and I was horny as heck, but she went offline not long after, and so I was back to the search.

When it comes to watching adult cam chat performers, there is always a chance that just as you find a great one, they go offline. You just need to dust yourself down and get back to the search.

The best thing about most sites are that even when it comes to niches, like real fetish cams, there are more than enough models for you to find another one that takes your fancy.

Real fetish webcam stunner ready to play

I found what I was looking for in a sexy twenty-three year old. She was stunning, in her tight black dress. I immediately put the show in full-screen and sent her a ‘love’, just to get her attention. It worked and we soon got chatting. She was such a sweetie. Smart, sexy, everything. I took her into a private show, and man, did she ever show me her naughty side too.

That is one thing that sites like this have going for them. The difference between free and private chat is vast, and you get a much more vivid experience as a result.

The models a xLoveFetish's real fetish cams are hot, sexy, funny, and live right now, so what are you waiting for?



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Review of xLoveFetish.com - Reviewed by Maya
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