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Real Live Japanese Sex Cam Chat Membership is a dedicated Japanese / Asian live adult webcam chat site. Connecting users with hot and horny Japanese amateurs. The site offers users several membership packages they can choose from.

  • Free
  • Points based membership
  • Fully Registered Member

The points system is something unusual. It allows people to purchase points to watch their favourite hot Japanese amateur sex cams in live private adult chat shows, without officially registering for the site.


Live Japanese Video Chat With Hot Models

This is an interesting approach as it allows those inquisitive webcam chat visitors the chance to enjoy real Japanese amateur sex cams without any long term commitment.

Enjoy a Range of Live Adult Webcam Shows

The site operate on a different theology than others when it comes to live Japanese amateur sex cams. Rather than offer a range of shows, they work on the basis of giving you complete control with a wide range of in chat options that allows you to set the pace in tailor made adult webcam chat shows.

All of the sexy Japanese amateur sex chat models are submissive, giving you 100% of the control. The only limit is your imagination.

The live adult chat shows options include:

  • Two Way Cams
  • Hand – Touch the models wherever you want
  • Lips – Kiss the model wherever you want on her hot live adult webcam chat body,
  • Bukkake – Cum all over your Japanese amateur sex babe.
  • Remote Toy – Take control over the toys, decide tempo and strength to keep maximum live adult chat shows control.

On top of this, if you still crave that private one-on-one experience, it is still possible to enjoy private Japanese amateur sex shows.

Hot Asian Amateurs are Waiting To Play

Low Cost Point System Allows For Many Hours of Fun

Unlike the more traditional live adult webcam chat sites, operates on a points basis. In basic terms this works the same way as tokens on other sites, but you can invest points in all of the above options, outside the realm of the private Japanese amateur sex shows.

Points are purchased via online card transactions:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • JCB and
  • Discover cards,

Can be used to complete the transactions and an initial purchase of 100 points (currently for just $2.95) is required to verify the card and account holder details.

Points are bought in pre-defined batches of :

  • $10
  • $50
  • $100
  • $150
  • $200

Not a Site for Freeloaders

When it comes to live adult chat shows, there are two varying sorts of site, those that work on a tips for goals basis, whereby even free guests can watch hot live webcam chat shows, or a private show basis, were free members can watch the tease, but miss out on the big finish.

Sakuralive operates on a different level entirely. Free users can have short previews of cams, but they cannot chat, or use any features, as the Japanese amateur sex shows are designed for the eyes of real members only.

The shows, when selected are open up in a new window within your browser and they are all colour coded to show if they are in free chat, show chat or private chat.

The site is certainly different, but different can be good. With over 20,000 like Japanese amateur sex models registered, there is certainly plenty to choose from.

A Ride on The Live Orient Express Always Ends Happy

Hi there, I just had to add something to this review. I was recommended to this site by a friend of mine. They found it while travelling (for business) and they knew it would be something for me. They were so right.

The site, is essentially a dedicated Asian – predominantly Japanese – live adult webcam chat site that offers a great range of live adult chat shows, from a different perspective than you are used to.

I had no idea what to expect but had been warned that you need to not only sign up but invest in order to be able to best appreciate the site. This was sound advice. I soon saw that the free guest members cannot really do much, other than watch a few short live adult webcam chat shows.

Joining is simple, but as I said, you need to make a payment as soon as you join.

Once You Experience Live Asian Cams you Will Never Want Again

I clicked around the site, which is certainly colourful with a strong pink colour in the background and logo.

I didn’t know what to expect, so went in with an open mind. I wanted to check out a few live Japanese amateur sex cams, rather than spend my whole time in one. I was sorely tempted however to take the second cam I visited into a cam-2-cam chat show. I’ve developed a thing for Asian women recently, and this babe was hot.

I didn’t however, and continued looking. I did eventually – you knew I would – settle for a tasty Japanese amateur sex model who was perfectly happy to do everything I asked. I made good use of the features, and kissed all over her body, caressing her in the places I love to be touched. It was a little awkward at first, but I soon of the hang of it, and I must say, I found it to be a highly erotic experience. I have never really explored the dominant – submissive relationship, but these hot Japanese amateurs give themselves to you in mind, body and soul. The connection you feel is much stronger than anything else, and while I didn’t come watching any of the shows, I found something much more satisfying.

Naught Japanese Babes Are a Click Away

I will definitely be paying a few more visits to this site. I added a few models with the favourites button, and am keen to get to know them better.

If you can get beyond the slightly unusual layout and set up of the site you will definitely find yourself in a good place. I understand any hesitance to sign up and invest money straight away, but really, it is something you will not regret. I promise you all this too. Not only will I be back on Sakuralive soon, but I promise you all a hot live Japanese amateur sex chat adventure to enjoy.



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