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Hi, welcome back for another hot review of my amazing live webcam sex-capades. Are you ready for another round of finger bashing fun? I know I am.

Let’s see, where are we going to go today? I think I want to pay another visit to an old favourite site,

I love because they are old school, and know what customer service is all about. I had an issue with them once before and it was a pleasure dealing with them.

I will admit to you that when I wrote the above intro, I had no idea what I was looking for, and it wasn’t until I logged on and started watching a few of the free streaming webcams that I decided I was once again in the mood for some fine Asian live webcam babes. They are always a goldmine when it comes to live xxx cam action.


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When I first loaded the page, I was surprised to see that there were only 62 live Asian webcam models to choose from, however I found a sweet looking babe in a white shirt through which I could see her hard nipples. It was a good place to start. We chatted for a while it was really quiet in the room, and she was giggling and flirty. Touching herself and running her hands over her body. She even lay back, spread her legs and pulled her white panties to one side for me. Only a quick glimpse at the goodies that she had in store, but you can imagine that I was hooked and horny. She was really putting on a great show, the kind that would entice anybody into a private live sex chat session.

The show started promising, and I felt a familiar hotness spreading between my legs. I had just shaved so it was already sensitive. I found myself mimicking her actions. She rubbed herself, I rubbed myself. Her played with her hair, I gave mine a gentle tug. It was fun, and pretty hot. The key I have found is to forget about the live webcam sex part of it, and just get involved. The ultimate role play.

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Things were going great, but then, it kind of leveled off. My counter was going, and I had asked her for a few things, but she hadn’t given me an answer, beyond a typed ‘yes baby!’ After a few minutes I was starting to get fed up with it, and while I did give her another chance when she removed her bra, the progress was so slow I just had to call it a day.

Back at the main screen there were suddenly a lot more hot xxx Asian babes online and ready to play. Browsing the thumbnails I soon found the one I was looking for. She was a slightly curvier girl, still slim and petite, but just of normal build. She had black hair and a gorgeous face. She reminded me of Zooey Deschanel. She wore a red tank top that only just contained her amble tits. She smiled and greeted me with a ‘Hello Sweetie.”

The chat room was starting to get busy, and I knew that she would be a popular choice among the live Asian camgirl niche, so I took the first opportunity to jump into a private. The high definition live sex cam loaded quickly, and she was kneeling on the bed, squeezing her tits from the moment the show started. I was already topless and was tweaking my nipples as I watched her tease herself. She kept biting her bottom lip as her hands traveled down her creamy skinned belly, the fingertips dipping beneath the waistband of her thong.

She slid out of her clothes, rolling onto her back, teasing me with her feet, dangling her thong from her toes for a while, giggling the whole time.

I told her to lie back and show me a good time. When reviewing its always my favourite opening line.

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Her first act was to put on an erotic dance for me, showing off how flexible she was. Her legs spread to an almost one hundred and eighty degree angle and I watched as her moist pussy spread, the freshly shaved snatch glistening in her camera. With her legs spread she began to tease her swollen clit with her fingers, they danced over her pussy the same way mine danced over my own. I dipped my fingers deep into myself. I groaned as she began to fuck herself with four fingers. Her snatch stretched easily to swallow all four fingers, her thumb circling her clit, and all in one fuck machine on the end of her arm.

She got worked up, pounding herself her hand noisily slapping against as dripping live xxx cam cunt. She arched her back, pinching her nipples, rolling them between the fingers of her spare hand.

I asked her if she liked to fuck women, and she moaned, telling me that the best sex she ever had was with women. She started screaming when I told her I was buried wrist deep in my own pussy. She came hard, her legs twitching as the orgasm took control of her entire body. She screamed and spasmed, her legs kicking out as she rode the wave; as did I, feeling the orgasm build until it exploded from my throbbing pussy, shooting through my legs, my arms, my head.

The show may have ended, but I hung around for bit, chatting with her about fucking and the best things she had done with a woman. It was amazing, but I was still horny as hell, my nipples aching to be sucked in the cool air of my study.

When I closed the show, I was surprised to see that she stayed online, not even bothering to replace her bra, crossing her arms instead. I have to admit, I am sorely tempted to top up my account again and get back into another session with her.




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