My Lesbian Love Toy Sexy Cam Show With a Chaturbate Lovely!

Hi, my lustful buddies!

Another night in for yours truly, and another x-rated sex sesh, courtesy this time of Chaturbate. I logged in and soon found myself face-to-face with a sexy lady, blonde and petite with sparkling eyes and a persuasive smile. She agreed to give me a no-holds-barred sex show - and she definitely seemed to be up for a good, wild, slutty sex-fueled time.

To my carnal delight my xxx cam model was already naked - a sure sign I guessed that here was one sexy cam babe who was not going to fuck around. I wanted to get down and dirty, and so it appeared, did she.

We began our x-rated sex chat with the suggestion of having some sensual fun with sex toys - as you can imagine I have quite the collection. My gorgeous cam model friend brought out her own, and we talked dirty to each other as we shoved our vibrators into our throbbing pussies. I know a vibrator is hardly a substitute for a nice, hard cock, but it's definitely the next best thing!

Say hi to my sexy Chaterbate babe! I wish that toy was heading for my pussy!

I fingered my clit, rubbing it hard as my sexy cam model brought out a real monster of a dildo (you can see in the pics!). We both began to enjoy ourselves - me working hard at my clit with my fingers, her rubbing the end of her mighty love-tool against her pussy; both of us moaning at the sheer enjoyment of our xxx fun-time.

She does like it up 'em! Gettin' dirty and busy!

For a few moments I shut my eyes and imagined what it would have been like to be there with my Chaturbate cam model friend. I imagined us exploring each other's hot bodies, touching each other in those delightful, naughty places. I imagined us each using a sex-toy on one another - first in our quivering, cock-hungry pussies, and then in our asses. This would leave our pussies free for more adult enjoyment. We could get down to it, licking and nibbling at each other's pussies, probing deep inside with our tongues and tasting each other's sexy sweetness.

Now we are really "toying" with ourselves! Thank you my sexy Chaterbate babe for a shuddering climax!

By now I was thrusting my sex-toy inside of me like a piston, willing myself to cum. I was squeezing my right breast as well, teasing my rock-hard nipple with my fingertips, imagining my cam-model's teeth biting into it.

My sexy Chaturbate cam girl was enjoying herself too, rubbing vigourously at her clit, moaning and groaning as she did so. This turned me on even more and I felt those first delicious quakes erupt near the lower part of my belly. This swiftly turned into waves of pure pleasure that rippled through my muscles, and set off fireworks inside my skull. I thought my orgasm would go on forever, but after a few more seconds the climax subsided and I collapsed back to the bed, my whole body coated with a sheen of sweat.

Looks like she's having a good sexy time Getting sexy with the sex toys

My sexy cam friend seem to enjoyed herself too! I smiled and thanked her for such a wonderful evening of sexy adult fun!

Seeya later my lovely, sexy friends!



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