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Welcome back my eager beavered readers. I hope you are in the mood for something special today.

I am planning on changing things around a little in the coming weeks; spreading my legs… I mean my wings.

Today however, I paid another very satisfactory visit to my friends over at Always a great site to have a good time.

I was not sure what I was in the mood for. All I knew was that I had that itch you can’t scratch and needed some company to help me get off.

It didn’t take me long to find the live adult chat babe I wanted to spend my time with. She was a stunning XXX cam model with the face of an angel. I was sold on her thumbnail alone, and knew I had to get a closer look.

Hot Cam Model Is Ready to Play

She was a beautiful brunette who just had that air about her which screamed sexuality. She was thin with gorgeous round tits. The sort of women I would go after in a heartbeat.

I joined a free cam chat session but knew it would not last long. She was naked in her live adult chat stream. Teasing the audience something rotten. Her body was perfect, and I could feel my wetness spreading, sticking my underwear to my folds. I stripped off as I lost myself in her xxx cam model greatness.

Teasing Cam Stars Love to Turn Up The Adult Chat Heat

I took the show into private, eager to enjoy a little one-on-one time away from the free cam chat crowd. She sat back in her chair and began to touch herself, rubbing her pussy, arching her back. She cupped her breasts and squeezed them hard. Biting her lips she slid her fingers deep inside her juicy xxx cam model pussy. My own hand was working furiously between my legs. My pussy was freshly shaved and nothing plays smoothers than a clean shaved pussy.

Kinky XXX Babe Loves to Tease her Pussy

Rolling onto her front, my xxx cam model rose to her hands and knees, showing me the most gorgeous view you could hope to see in live adult chat. Her ass cheeks were round and very spankable. She gave herself a couple of light spanks and gasped each time.

Cum was dribbling from her pussy by the time she rolled back around and drove her digits deep. She swapped hands and sucked the other one clean, gobbling her juices the way should would undoubtedly gobble some lucky man’s cock.

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I came out of nowhere, one of those explosive orgasms that curls your toes makes your eyes roll back into your head. On screen my xxx cam model was still going to town on herself, using both hands to work her pussy which was dripping with excitement. She closed her eyes and gasped, her breathing going quicker and quicker, her hands moving faster and faster until she came with a cry of delight that made me cum again also.  

We exchanged pleasantries and I added her to my favourites list and asked her about her free cam chat schedule so that I could easily find her again. Believe you me, she is a live adult chat star that you would want to see time and time again.

Until next time you sexy people, keep getting lucky out there!




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