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Hi there,

Maya here, and I am in just gagging to tell you all about my new adult chat cams adventure. You see, I was doing the housework, being all good and domestic, when I got that familiar itch down between my legs. It was deep, and I just knew I had to scratch it.

I logged onto my laptop and started browsing my large collection of hot video chat cams. I settled on Chaturbate, because I know they are always good for a real live adult webcam chat session.

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I was right. There were a lot of adult chat cams online, but I was in the mood for something special. I have been on a little dry spell recently. It’s been more than a week since I came last, and for me that is like worse than a married guy.

I navigated through the large selection of live adult webcam chat genres, and headed straight to the hot video chat group cams. There was a smaller selection of feeds online there, and my eyes fell straight onto the one I wanted. Lesbians. A whole bunch of them.

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I loaded the live adult chat cams and felt my pussy twitching at the site. Four fit brunette women naked as the day they arrived in the world. One couple lay in the centre of the bed, and one adult chat cams babe had her face buried in the snatch. The other two hot boded babes were lying legs spread, hands busy teasing their clits, burying their figures deep inside their eager snatches.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but leg my hand slip between my legs, where my pussy was aching for some relief. My fingers danced over my lips, plucking them like a harp, their skill sending shivers through my body.

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Onscreen the adult webcam chat session moved on at apace. The lovemaking increased. Moans and groans came from the bed, and plenty of giggles as the games continued. There was a selection of toys on the bed, but none of them needed it. There were more than capable with their own digits and tongues.

I loved the way my body warmed as I slid my fingers deep into my wetness. I could hear the sound of my pleasure growing. I was dripping wet and desperate for more. I couldn’t wait much longer. I felt my arousal building as on the screen the party continued. I put the live adult webcam show onto full screen, and send the group a nice tip. One that would please each of them. I told them not to stop, to never stop.

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I came with a scream. It was the longest, most intense orgasm I have felt for a long time. The kid than makes your whole body shudder. Even now, my legs are still shaky, and I can still feel my wetness dripping from my hole. I am back on the hump wagon and cannot wait for another chance to dance the dance, whether it’s solo or in a group.

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