ImLive Cam Babes Understand that Taking it Slow Can be a Sexy Act Too

Hey there gang,

Welcome back for another live adult webcam chat recap session with me, the one and only queen of the free video chat blog, Maya. My pussy is still wet, so forgive me if I take a moment to finish myself off.

I have quite the teasing tale for you today, and in a slight twist from my normal posts, I am going to show you that sometimes, you can have free webcam sex fun with your clothes on. Most of them at least.

ImLive Offers a Fun and Flirty Approach to Live Adult Webcams

I was feeling horny, but in the mood to play, and so I headed over to ImLive, a site I do not spend a lot of time on,  but always visit when I am in the mood for something special.

The free video chat feeds at ImLive are not as flamboyant as other sites, but the hot free webcam sex babes know how to put on a show.

I found a stunning golden haired beauty with an ass to die for was lying on her side spanking herself. Her cheeks red with the impression of her hand. I love me some spanking on a live adult webcam session.

There were not too many people in the chat room, mainly because I was browsing around during off-peak hours. I love to cruise the free webcam sex sites at these times, because not only do you find the real freaky free webcam sex chicks, but also get to spend some quality alone time with them too.

I decided to stick with my chosen live adult webcam babe, and watched as she rubbed her pussy over her red and black panties. I could see the material was wet. As she continued to tease her ass. Pulling her thong to one side every now and then, giving me a glimpse of her pretty tight live adult webcam hole.

Taking Foreplay to a Whole New Erotic Level

I tried to copy her, to tease myself through my panties, but I couldn’t help myself. I needed to feel my smooth pussy, and slowly slid my fingers deep inside myself. I rubbed my clit as she teased both her holes through her underwear, moaning at all the right moments to help tease me closer and closer to the finish.

I held back, watching her fingers dip beyond the soaked material, coming out wet and glistening on the camera. She gasped as her hand slapped back down onto her creamy white cheek, and I couldn’t help but ask her to do it again. She smiled, biting her lower lip as she spanked herself again, and again, stretching her ass wide she pulled her cheeks apart, grunting as her pussy rubbed tight against her thong.

Real Live Adult Webcas Offer Something to Remember Every Time

The free video chat session didn’t last much longer, as the model went offline, hence why I still felt the need to finish the job myself just now. However, it was a fun free video chat session and a nice reminder to me that sometimes, you can get just as aroused from the foreplay as you can the pussy cramming hardcore free video chat fuck shows I normally write about.

ImLive has once again taught me how important it is to play the slow game from time to time.

Take a few minutes today and let yourself be teased. Basque in the foreplay and see how much hotter the end game becomes as a result.




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