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Howdy do my lovelies. How are we all today? I hope you are all sitting comfortably, because I have one heck of a kinky fuck show story to tell you today that will straighten your hair and curl your toes.

I was just finished with the most frustrating day at work in the history of mankind. Everything I did went fucking wrong, and by the time I was home, I wanted nothing more than to sit down and tune in to a hot adult cams show.

As is often my favourite port of call when I have had such a bad day, I went over to Bongacams and found myself a live xxx webcam babe to help me through the day.

What I found was a live sex chat room, unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Bongacams is Home to Horny Webcam Sluts

The cam loaded with a leather clad brunette talking to the camera. Her tits were pulled out of her half bra, her hard nipple stared at me, and I was wet at the thought to sucking them. She raised her leather cuffed hands and shows us what she was holding. A kinky looking whip. She gave a swish with the thing and as a surprise a pleasured cry sounded.

I was shocked, and horny, and as the camera pulled back we were shown that this sexy live xxx webcam slut had another hot adult cams stunner with her. This blonde was nude and tied to a chair.

I have never really done much more than dabble with a little light BDSM, so this instantly got my attention and had me getting wetter and wetter by the second.

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After a kinky fuck show, the live xxx webcam show moved on to something a little more heated. Candles, that’s right. The brunette who was clearly loving her role of being the dominator, made a grand show of how the candle was full of hot wax. She shows us her hot body before moving her attention to the blond.

The hot adult cams double act were clearly up for anything, and while the brunette leaned in and kissed the blond, she casually poured short bursts of hot wax onto the blonde’s nipples. The sounds she made were delicious. Her moans were clearly so pleasurable that they got my own hands busy between my legs.

The wax continued to flow as the brunette works her hand over the blonde’s clit. Pouring wax as she thrust her fingers deep inside the blonde’s shaven box.

Bongacams Babes Love to Put on a Show

The kinky fuck show fun was not over there, the blonde groaned and ground her hips, as much as her bonds would allow and with a final pouring of wax which coated her throat, tits and her wet pussy, she came with a giant squirting orgasm.

It was only when the show was over that the tips started to come in. As the two women sat spent, side by side, their sweat drenched bodies on display for the camera. Like performers in a park, their act was over, and their reward was forthcoming.

I love this about Bongacams, and this is a testament to the way the site is run as a whole. That is why I love it here.

Keep it kinky folks.




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