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Hello again, it is great to see of many of you back again to hear another one of my hot and wet stories in the world of live adult cams.

Today we are going to take a teasing, sexy stroll through the hallways of ImLive. It is a classic site that has a lot to offer those that grace its sexy halls.

I was browsing around after a big day of shopping, preparing for the changing of the season. I had received an email from ImLive a while earlier talking about a hot live adult cams show they had planned, and the site just popped into my head for the rest of the day.

I was not sure what I was looking for, and so fell back on the fantastic multi-cam functionality, which offered me the chance to watch six live xxx chat cams in action at one time.

ImLive is a site that can handle your pleasure requirements

I found the real housewife chat star I was looking for. She was an older woman, a few years away from mature, but definitely a MILF in training. She had a hot body and was flaunting it to all who cared to watch.

I loaded her live xxx chat stream and settled myself in for the show. It was peak time, and the chat room was overflowing with each folks all of them entranced by the beauty of this raven haired cam star.

I was turned on by her smile and by the tight fitting red and black lingerie set she was wearing.

As I said, it was busy in the live xxx chat room, so I sent this hot live adult cams star a nice tip, as a way of introducing myself and getting her attention.

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It worked like a dream, and pretty soon I was nude before my laptop, rubbing my clit as I watched this hot real housewife chat babe shaking her body for the crows. She would drop to her knees and spank her own ass. The crisp sound of his slap made me wetter and wetter. Her hand print was visible on both ass cheeks.

I could feel my orgasm building and wanted to take the show somewhere else, so that I could take real control and get the show heading down a kinky live adult cams path. However, it was not to be. Some other real housewife chat fan beat me to it and whisked my live adult chat goddess into a private chat session of his own.

I was gutted, and with two fingers buried in my pussy I was faced with two decisions. I could either go back to find a new live adult cams feed to get me off, or I could just use my imagination.

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As it happened, I lucked out. My chosen model had a big library of images she had stored from her previous shows, and thanks to my credit levels on the site, I had access to all of them. I browsed through the images via her profile, while flicking my bean and soon came over a collection of images depicting a hot looking dildo show.

I might not have gotten the full experience, but I did get a nice reminder that sometimes there are more avenues to pleasure on a live adult cams site like this. You just need to remember to keep your options open. Real housewife chat shows are just the tip of the erotic iceberg at ImLive.com.

Don’t believe me, come on over and take a look around for yourself.



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