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Hey sexy ladies... and gentlemen.

I have an interesting tale to share with you all today. As you know, I am the queen of the live sex chat networks. That sounds a little big headed, but I wanted to make a grand point. Well, today, I actually met someone who not only lives in my home town, but just a few streets away from me, who is an actual live adult cams model.

This is this gorgeous blonde who I have seen around before, running in the park or at the grocery story.

I got chatting – flirty with- to her the other day, and conversation got a little naughty and she made the admission to me that she is a Chaturbate live sex chat model.

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I explained my site to her and we just had to hook up online and see what sort of trouble we could cause. This babe is HOT. She is stunning, and now I have just finished watching her fuck her shaved snatch until juices covered her hand.

She was the perfect amateur chat cams star. She was beautiful, fun, flirty and knew how to work the room. She had the crowd begging for more with every twist and turn of her body. 

The tips for this live sex chant show flowed from the stars, as she lay there flashing us her sweet looking pussy and perfectly rounded tits.

She played with us, reeling us in with shots of her snatch only to pull the attention back to her face again. Not that I’m complaining about that, because her face was perfect.

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Live adult cams are about the game, and the really goot amateur chat cams babes know how to work the room to their advantage, and she did just that. Tips were flying and when she moved the show on a little, fingering her pussy, tasting her juices, they went wild and the tips flowed in again. Everything moved in stages, and it was a joy to behold.

I think knowing this live adult cams babe in person made the show extra special and extra sexy for me, but I could tell that everybody else was enjoying the naught amateur chat cams action too.

I just had to take the show into private. I know that is technically not the way Chaturbate works, the option is still there, and I needed to get this live adult cams babe alone. Just before I started the show however, she sent me a message on my phone. It stayed my hand, well, the one holding the phone at least. The other was buried in my pussy, my thumb flicking my clit.

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The show ended with a nice orgasm and a b round of applause for the way to turned on the entire crowd. She ended it early. I know that because she told me so. Along with giving me her address, and inviting me round to eat her out for dinner.

How could I say not to the chance to fuck a genuine Chaturbate amateur chat cams slut… but that encounter is a story for another time.

Have fun out there.




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