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Why hello,

It is a pleasure to see you all back here again. I know, I know, I can’t really see you, but all the numbers I see making up my blog stats at the end of each day, month, etc. make me smile, and you are the reason for all of that.

I mean, if I was just writing blogs about playing with myself, it would be a little weird.

So, cutting straight to it, I chose Chaturbate to be my home this week, and well, I met an absolute fire cracker of a naughty sex chat slut. I mean, seriously, I am getting wet again right now thinking about how hot out amateur webcam chat session was.

 Chaturbating Cam StarIt's All Smiles at Chaturbate

My introduction to her live cam chat was kiss being blown my way. This sexy amateur webcam chat slut was the total package. You know, the sort of naughty sex chat doll that just ticks all the boxes and makes you wet from the moment your eyes meet. She had a vaguely exotic look about her, and her body was curvy in all the right places, and a slight roll along the midsection that just made her perfect. A live cam chat sex pot with a naughty girl next door undertone.

See what I mean.

Well, it did not take long to talk this horny fuck slut out of her clothes. Once the clothes were off, this naughty sex chat babe lost all of her inhibitions and put on the shot of a lifetime. I mean she was writhing on the bed, spanking herself, hard enough to leave hand prints on her wonderful round butt cheeks. I have never been so glad to have a full screen mode as I was with this amateur webcam chat room.

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Her fingers danced over her flesh, pinching and pulling her nipples, and well as tickling her glistening, wet pussy. She flicked her flick and delved deep inside herself. Fingers brought moans to her lips and a flush to her cheeks.

It was my extremely generous tip that pulled the toys into play. I was also treated to be the one whose name she called when she came. It was one of the prizes that she was giving away to someone who tipped a set amount (my tip was more).

That made me so damned hot, and hearing this live cam chat babe calling my name as she twisted her body and slammed a thick toy into her sopping wet pussy was more than enough to make me actually cum in my pants without even touching myself. I mean my nipples were tingling at the sound of this naughty sex chat babe calling to me, begging me to plough her harder and harder.

Taking it deep on Chaturbate Cumming Hard in a Chaturbate Live Cam Chat sessions

Even after my new favourite amateur webcam chat star had cum all over the screen, I hung around and chatted and laughed with her. I send tips flooding her way as my body continued to tingle from my orgasm.

If you are really serious about you amateur webcam chat activities, then Chaturbate is definitely the site for you. It’s free to join, and certainly offers more value for money than you could put into words.




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