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Hello sexy people. How are we all. I hope you are as good as me.

I have quite the erotic adventure to talk to you about today. That being said, I supposed there will be two ways to read this blog post.

Either my xxx cam chat exploits were wonderful incidents of perfect timing, or my affairs of the erotic webcam chat heart were nothing but frustrating. Personally, I choose to believe in the former, but what can I say, I am a hopeless romantic.

I was browsing around on Bongacams, trying to find someone who could help me scratch that itch we all get from time to time.

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I found exactly what I was looking for in a busty xxx web cam babe. She was already nude, the sweat was glistening on her body. She had her legs spread and was being well and truly ploughed by a real fuck machine. I mean it was an xxx cam chat to die for.

To have the xxx web cam stream open with the babe already in the middle of a hardcore fucking is just great timing.

However, here is where my luck ran out on me a little. The buxom brunette began to scream, bucking her hips wildly. Her hand furiously rubbed her clit, and her chat room exploded with tips. She came with a screaming, full body orgasm before she collapsed back onto the bed, her energy levels well and truly spent.

The erotic webcam chat room quietened pretty quick, with everybody congratulating the model for a job well done. The model went offline not long later, which was not surprising. If the end result was anything to go by, the entire erotic webcam chat show must have been wonderful to see.

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She was gone before I could even drop her a tip.

The xxx cam chat show had been short, but so intense that I was burning with desire, and just had to find someone else to get me off.

I went back to the homepage, looked around and found an older woman. Certainly a MILF web cam babe.

The cam loaded, and I once again struck erotic webcam chat gold. This hot cam babe was already mid-way through her cum show. All of her token goals had been achieved, and she was speeding up for the big finish.

She had a give toy drilling her sopping wet cunt hole, and as the tips kept flying in her hand pumped the rubber cock harder and harder into herself. All the while, she was holding her buzzing sex toy against her clit.

I knew I didn’t have long, and so threw a quick burst of tips into the pot, in order to keep the show rolling.

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This mature redhead came a few moments later. She came with a body convulsing creamy orgasm. Her pussy juices leaked out and around her toy, flooding over her thighs and the sheet beneath her.

She was also spent, breathing so hard she could hardly talk.

Once again, the erotic webcam chat show ended a few moments later.

Now, I put the question to you, did I get lucky today, or should I feel frustrated? One thing is for sure, Bongacams once again proved they have some of the best xxx cam chat shows around.




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