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Hi there, Maya here.

Sorry it’s been a while, but you know how it goes. Sometimes you just need a break, and a chance to unplug and unwind.

I am back, however, and I have a horny adult webcams adventure for you. I wanted to break myself back in with something solid, and so that meant the adult amateur cams of Chaturbate. I mean, what is hotter that screaming babes cumming, in breath-taking free xxx chat room.

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When I logged on, I saw that eleven of my favourite adult amateur cams models were online. However, I was not after something familiar. I wanted to experience something new. So I went to the ‘recommended’ tab on the Chaturbate homepage, and soon found a hot and sexy looking blonde babe.

There is something special about blondes, they seem to always deliver a hot horny adult webcams experience. That might just be between my ears, but it seems to ring true for me time and time again.

I opened up her xxx chat room, to find her stark bollock naked, her legs spread with a thick toy pushed deep inside her wet pussy. She was sitting on a towel, and the tips were coming in thick and fast. So much so that I did not even have the chance to send my own contribution before this blonde adult amateur cams slut exploded all over everything. It was a squirt worthy of the word.

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I have never seen that much fluid come gushing out of such a tight looking whole. The xxx chat room host began to shake. Her entire body trembled as she emptied herself over the ground and camera. She continued to toy her pussy, coaxing out even more of her glorious juices.

While I was turned in immediately by the show, I was a little disappointed, as it looked as if the show was set to end.

I was shocked when the horny adult webcams star took a drink of water, laid back down and carried on playing with herself.

Slower, of course, building up the anticipation, collecting tips. I soon learned that a single squirt did not even count inside this xxx chat room.

I watched and tipped, open mouthed as this petite, fine as fuck blonde slut pounded her pussy to one enormous squirt after another. Every 1000 tokens, without fail. For forty minutes she fucked herself like a machine, only stopping when one eager fan tipped the magic number three times in a row. To her credit, this adult amateur cams babe squirted each time.

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Pausing to catch her breath, she pulled and tugged on her nipples, drinking water, until she was ready to cum again.

Now me, I love Chaturbate, but even I can only cum three times in a show before I have to get some sleep, and a cheeseburger. I still cannot believe how horny this amateur adult cams babe was. I will certainly be back again to watch her more in the future.

Check her out today, you will not be disappointed. I promise.




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