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Hey there sexy people, welcome back to my winter wonderland of lust and xxx cam chat fun, and with that I scream, Happy New Year, one and all!!! On top of that, I cracked a big secret this past week. I found out how Santa makes money the rest of the year.

He sends Mrs Claus out to real amateur webcam chat sites like Chaturbate. With their tip for rewards based structure it is a great way to make some extra cash during the rest of the year.

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I was browsing the main homepage, ignoring my growing list of online favourites, and stumbled across a sexy petite brunette wearing a hot as hell santa suit. A red and fluffy white lingerie outfit that looked just divine on her.

The live adult chat room was already full, and it took me a few minutes to realize what was going on. This sexy xxx cam chat slut was being fucked by a machine. A large, fat piston powered sex toy was pumping away, pounding her wet pussy into oblivion.

The amateur webcam chat show was running with a tip jar, something I love seeing and seems to be more prevalent on sites like Chaturbate.

It is a means with which a live adult chat star will perform a certain act or task constantly, until the tip jar runs empty. It is a pretty cool thing, and is a great way to let people with small balances join in on the act, because even a single tip often powers the jar for a few seconds.

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The tips cam in in a near constant stream, but all in small denominations, which kept the machine running on the lowest power setting.

I wanted to kick the xxx cam chat into a new gear, and so threw in a large, level three tip. The live adult chat star lurched on her bed, spreading her legs wide, allowing the toy to plough deeper and deeper into her wet snatch. She screamed and gasped as the tips continued to come through, some big, some small, and each one edging this fine young thing closer and closer to her big finish.

As she changed her angle, her santa suit slipped, and her tits came out to play. Perfectly round, with small, hard nipples, the kind that are good for rolling. Arching her back, she pushed back against the pumping sex toy and screamed. Cumming so hard her juices dripped down her thighs and into her butt crack. She jerked and shook, shuddering as she crested the wave and came crashing down the other side.

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The entire live adult chat show, she barely said two words to the camera, and people barely spoke in the chat box. It was a true, old-school xxx cam chat fuck show, and it was simply incredible.

I say it every time, but Chaturbate is just a great place to go for a quick, dirty and utterly enjoyable amateur webcam chat session. Free to join and always hustling and bustling with activity day or night, you really just can’t go wrong.



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